New Scientist Short Sharp Science Blog: Hot moms and sexual imprinting

Well, Freud would be very happy about this news. It would bolster his whole idea of, “Johnny, it’s okay. You want to sleepwith your mommy and it’s very natural.” I do subscribe to his iceberg model and many of his other ideas, but the Austrian bastard was clearly projecting his own “groovy kind of love”.

Anyway, I can’t say that this is at all accurate for everybody. Especially for those in interracial relationships. Now, I know that most people think of interracial as just a term for a white guy dating a black girl, but let’s keep in mind it includes people of all races.

As much as I’ve been made fun of by my brother, I do have an attraction for women outside my own race. In which case, I have noticed that the attraction is usually of women with a slimmer face and a more angular nose. This is a stark contrast to my mother, whose face and nose are more rounded. In members of my own race, I have noticed that I am attracted to women whose faces are somewhat round, though the attraction was certainly neither exclusively nor disproportionate in comparison to other women; the sharper more angular look is equally attractive to me.So that leaves a couple of possibiilties.

  1. Sexual imprinting imprints only for your own race.
  2. I’m in denial.
  3. I’m evolutionarily destined to fail.

Either way it all makes for very interesting reading. Here are a couple of more links.

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