A Job Is Just A Job: On Being Who You Are

What do you do when you start hating your job?

When I first started my last job, I was excited. I loved it because I went out into the world and built relationships with people. I connected with them and talked about their goals and the pressures they faced. 

Then the job changed. The organization was restructured, and the nature of my duties changed. The job became tedious and mind-numbing. I began to dread going to work. So customarily, I started looking for another job. I thought finding a more exciting job with different duties would help. But the truth is that I made a critical error: defining myself by the occupation I hold. [ Cont'd ]

Should I Be A Writer? A Retrospective

I sit here at the ripe old age of 31 years. I’ve done fairly well in my career so far. I’ve been a regional manager who spearheaded an international business expansion. I’ve been a recruiter who helped secure federal contracts by recruiting people who speak rare languages. Yet, despite the breezy paychecks, I find myself having a very hard time staying in the corporate world. The question comes up yet again: should I be a writer? [ Cont'd ]