Perhaps my exposure to romantic cinema has been limited in scope, but I have yet to come across a movie that truly captures my heart. I have yet to watch a romantic film that truly tugs at my heart strings,that incites my heart to soar. I want to see a film that takes my breath away.

The reason I bring this up is because I watched Confessions of a Shopaholic today. The film is entertaining, and I could identify with its theme of credit card debt. However, as far as its theme of romance goes, it’s not very in depth. And that’s what I usually see in most romances.

See, the problem is that we never really know why Rebecca falls in love with Luke. In most movies, we never see just what it is that makes the characters fall in love with each other. We just glaze right over the good stuff, the parts that are truly interesting. Instead of examining what unique traits fall in just the right places to make our hearts sing for love, we often just see that the two characters are in love. There is no explanation, at least not one that is more than a passing attempt.This is the case in most of the romances that I see on the silver screen. Be it women who find their true love in the workplace or a steamy affair conducted in the utmost secrecy, we never seem to know precisely why these men and women follow their hearts the way they do. There is one exception: The Notebook. That movie did a helluva job portraying romance and undying love. But it’s a shame we don’t see more romantic dramas of its caliber.With that said, I’m going to work on my own short story (the one I started about a month ago, inspired by my bus ride to Boston), and attempt to pen the beginnings of a screenplay that will hopefully bring true love to the world of film.