As my friend Gary had pointed out, I seem to be getting matched with more liberal countries and states. And that gets me thinking: am I a better match for liberal girls or conservative girls?

Whatimages are conjured up when you hear someone describe themselves as liberal? For me it often entails the notion that someone is essentially, for lack of a better term, a hippie; a treehugger, someone who believes in free love and all that jazz. I imagine it’s someone who might have done drugs or still does, someone who probably dresses in an outrageous way. To me, a liberal is a rebellious bleeding heart with no sense of tradition or respect for authority, someone who believes in civil disobedience.

So in my eyes, I am ‘conservative’. I respect authority, I dress in a very respectable and conventional manner, I believe in monogamy and the family as a cornerstone of life. I love steak and burgers. I am for gun rights (as opposed to gun control) and I support the military and am very pro-law enforcement.

But after a closer look, I believe it would be more accurate to describe myself as socially conservative and politically liberal. Why? Politically, I am for gay marriage (they can call it a civil union if they want to define marriage as between a man and a woman); I am pro-choice, supporting the right for women to choose whether or not they want to have an abortion. I’m sure there are other facets of politics in which I have more liberal leanings, but those are the two biggest examples that come to mind.I suppose I’ve never examined myself in that scope because I’m not that interested in putting myself in a box. I never really gave much thought to whether or not I’d prefer to be with a liberal or a conservative woman. But I saw that my top matches on OKCUpid seemed to consist of women with liberal leanings, with a seemingly disproportionate number of bisexual women between the ages of 24 and 29 (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Will I end up with a Democrat or a Republican? Only time will tell.Now, off to message that bisexual woman from Brooklyn; afterall, 98% is a pretty high match.