This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Tony’s Pizza. All opinions are 100% mine.

Okay, so this isn’t exactly this blog’s forte, but ever since I came across FreezerBurns, I have been thinkingof the frozen food that I consume. As a New Yorker, I’m a big fan of pizza and at times just don’t have the time to run out to my nearest decent pizzeria about half a mile away. Delivery takes a while too. So I’m actually a fan of quality frozen pizzas (who can say no to instant gratification?), always on the hunt for a good one that’s regularly available. When I got the chance to sample some of Tony’s Pizza, I jumped right at it. Today, I finally got to try it out.

First off, there are no microwave instructions, which is all for the best. Microwaved frozen pizzas aren’t really worth eating. They get soggy and end up being a floppy circle of flour stopped with mediocre sauce and cheese.

Tony’s Crispy Crust pizza cooks up rather nicely. Taking a page from Greg the Frozen Food Master, the toppings are spaced evenly and are well distributed. The cheese around the edges is browned and looks rather appetizing. The crust is as advertised: crispy. For a frozen pizza, I’d say that it’s as good as it gets. It is quite consistently crispy, with very little sloppy goop. You know how sometimes the pizza (even ones that are fresh from the pizzeria) have gooey chewy flour sitting atop the crunch crust on the bottom? Well, that phenomenon wasn’t present on this Supreme variation of Tony’s Crispy Crust pizza. Outstanding crust in my opinion.The pizza’s not perfect though. The cheese seems rather generic and not particularly tasteful. The toppings (which include turkey sausage, pepperoni, peppers, and onions) are nothing to write home about. They’re somewhat spicy, yet somehow bland. The sausage is actually a little sweet. Not sweet like you expect Italian sweet sausage to taste, but more like sugar sweet, which is a little weird to me. The sauce is alright. Nothing awful about it, but nothing to get excited over either.Overall, I’d have to say that it’s about on par with most frozen pizzas (baked, not microwaved), though Tony’s pizzas are larger if I remember correctly, making them a better value. I’d easily stock up on them for rainy days when you’re just too busy to cook or take the time to enjoy your food. Would I buy the Tony’s Crispy Crust pizza? Sure thing. They’re perfect for those times when I’m on a writing binge. I’ve been known to go about 20 hours without food when I’m in my manic fits of writing, and Tony’s Pizza sure fits the bill in terms of fueling me during said frenzies.

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