Think Carton Wallpaper 1440x900

After finally getting around to remaking the Think Carton website, I found myself messing around with gradients and ended up making a wallpaper for myself. I was bored with the FlyAKiteOSX default Tiger wallpaper. I’m pleased with it, but not because I made it: that would be arrogant.

AT&T has been proving too costly for me and I’m switching back to T-Mobile, and as a result, will be using a BlackBerry Curve instead of my Treo 750. It’s coming in on Friday. The thing with AT&T is that their plans are terribly expensive and inflexible. I’ll be paying the $175 termination fee, but between now and the time that the BlackBerry Bold is going to come out, I’ll be saving money.

Still have to rant about smarty-pants…