Why rich men are better in bed: Women have more orgasms with wealthy partners, study finds
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This makes sense from an evolutionary perspective, as pointed out in the article. According to the article, women have more orgasms with rich guys. But what about women who make more than their male partner, the ones who have plenty of money? Those who make enough money to be financially independent. Are they doomed to have pleasureless sex for the rest of their lives?

In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women.
– Tony Montana

Evolutionary science is becoming more and more popular, and I believe it is steadily making its way into pop culture. Its theories are not exactly common knowledge just yet, but I think it’s only a matter of time until most people will have learned various tidbits in that field.

For example, evolutionary “science” says that I will prefer a younger woman with long hair, probably blonde hair so because it catches the eye and is rarer. Also, because it is easier to tell the health of her hair if it is lighter. I will prefer blue eyes because it is easier to see signs of attraction (dilating pupils) in lighter eyes. I will prefer a woman who has wide hips because she will be more suited to bearing children. I will prefer a woman with larger breasts because it is indicative of her ability to provide for my child, and also because it is easier to notice the symmetry of her breasts.

I’m tired of all these gotdang studies and trying to figure out men and women. It’s all asinine. Malissa had chestnut hair. She was tall and rather skinny. Her eyes were brown. She had none of the evolutionarily attractive traits that are so highly regarded. I fell in love with her because of her personality, her mannerisms, and a bunch of other things that had nothing to do with my supposed evolutionary instincts. When will we see that we can overcome these base animal instincts? It is in a man’s genes to spread his seed, to find the youngest and healthiest women to bear his child. It is not even necessarily in his instincts to raise those children, only to impregnate the woman. It is in a woman’s genes to find the most suitable man to mate with, to receive his superior genetic material so that her offspring will be better than the rest of the competition. Nowhere in her is she coded to require that the father be the one who sires the children. She can bring in another man to raise the children.

Yet there are happy families. There are pair bonds that remain completely faithful for the entirety of the relationship,sometimes ones that last until death. I doubt we were genetically coded to enjoy YouTube videos and to enjoy being whipped by a dominatrix. Human beings are human because we are sentient creatures with a large amount of cerebral matter. Whether we were the creation of God or not, I don’t believe that humanity as a whole go to where it is today by doing nothing but listening to our most primal instincts. Otherwise, we’d really be like animals.

The fact is that we do NOT live in an animal kingdom. We live in a world created by humans who were bright enough to stop concentrating on eating and fucking, smart enough to think about more intellectual matters like science and engineering. We have the modern metropolis, automobiles, space shuttles, supercomputers, all because we did something with our brains. We have great writers and philosophers, we have TV shows and movies, all because we are beings with gray matter.

I think that these studies are excuses for people to behave in unacceptable ways. They’re reasons and justifications for people, a license for women to be gold diggers and for men to cheat on their wives. These studies are great for educational purposes, sure. But I wouldn’t put too much stock in them. I don’t care much about evolutionary science for practical purposes. Why look back? Sure, millions of years of evolution shape just about everything about who we are. But why not look to the future? Why not take control? Why fall back into the safety of these studies that pardon us for bad behavior?

I have faith in men and women. I think at this point I need it…people are usually scumbags one way or another. Perhaps my idealism needs to be checked…sigh.

Addendum: Why Women Have Better Sex With Rich Men [PDF]

If female humans have acquired the ability to have powerful orgasms, they argue, then women will have evolved that ability for a reason. “Women’s capacity for orgasm could be an evolutionary adaptation that serves to discriminate between males on the basis of their quality,” said Pollet. “If so, then it should be more frequent in females paired with high-quality males.”

This, I don’t understand. From an evolutionary point of view, there is no contraceptive to be used during sex. If a female is having sex with a male, it should be assumed that at the end of the mating, she will have received his genetic material regardless of whether or not she orgasms. I am aware that a there is some kind of improvement of the reception of the sperm when a woman orgasms, but frankly, I think she’s gonna get knocked up either way. Having an orgasm does not help her determine the quality of a mate BEFORE the deed.