FOX Broadcasting Company: LIE TO ME

I am admittedly intrigued by this show, but I can’t help but groan with my hand to my head. I am sure that it’s going to boost the popularity of psychology andbehavioral psychology. It’s going to be the next CSI: swarms of idiots wanting to solve crimes with cool gadgets and shit. Except this time they think they’re going to be able to spot all the telltale signs of a liar: increased perspiration and rate of breathing, darting eyes, avoiding eye contact, making concerted efforts to make eye contact, looking up and to the left, looking down and to the right, licking of the lips, and all that other nonsense.

I’m all for entertainment, but I hate when people see something on TV and all of a sudden are self-proclaimed experts. They think they know everything now, and that their career is going to be nothing but excitement.

I hate dullards…

Addendum: How Lying Works [PDF] on How Stuff Works.