Every month, WistfulWriter.com attracts 4,500 unique visitors who visit over 6,200 pages. This website attracts visitors from countries from all corners of the world, with the most hits coming from the United States, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Canada. The Wistful Writer tries to produce quality articles regarding certain topics of interest, including writing, films, male-female social dynamics, and critical analysis of popular current events. Several articles have been used for university study.

Writer For Hire

With a keen eye for design (as can be evidenced by this fabulous blog, which the Wistful Writer designed himself), a refined mastery of the written word, and oodles of experience in the sales profession, Terrance makes a highly capable copywriter. If you like his writing and his website’s design, feel free to write him to discuss work opportunities: author at thisdomain dott comm.

About the Wistful Writer

A life-long New Yorker, the author of this world renowned blog is a student of film by way of self-study. Having tucked away his aspirations for becoming a screenwriter, Terrance found the spaciousness of literary creation a freedom not afforded to the 120 page limit of screenplays. The contents of this website are a documentation of his excessive pontification and an articulation of his personal philosophy towards important things like love and life, all largely written for his own intellectual edification. Our Wistful Writer is often inspired by the snippets of life that one glimpses by simply moving through life with a pair of open eyes and open ears.

Current Work

The novel that Terrance is working on is deeply influenced by the many facets of loneliness portrayed on screen and in print. From Taxi Driver to The Catcher in the Rye, our Wistful Writer is quite familiar with the curious condition of urban loneliness and social alienation. The novel he is writing is a genealogy of social alienation, a portrait of the landscape of loneliness, if you will. Being a Method writer (you know, like a Method actor), he wishes to complete his novel so that he may allow his life to stop imitating his art. His hope is to create a piece of literature that most people can connect with.

Life Experience

Having varied and diverse experiences in life is important to any creative process, and the author has been around enough to have accumulated many interesting experiences. He has worked in a wide variety of environments, from chocolate shops to insurance offices, from billion dollar art galleries to retail stores. With a long-standing interest in learning and applying concepts of social psychology, he is a masterful in the professional arts of persuasion.


The author’s motivation for writing this blog is not so much to exhibit his fabulous writing skills. Rather, it is more of a personal chronicle of his entrance and passage through a particular phase of his life, as well as documenting his stances on important things like love, sex, and rock and roll. Years down the line, he will look back upon these writings and reflect upon his youthful immaturity. Plus, it’s good practice for him: he’s working on a novel that he promises will be a veritable masterpiece.

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If you want to get in touch with the author, head here to write him an email. He’s always open for intelligent conversation and ideas for inspiration. If you’re crazy, all the better.

Technical Stuff

The Wistful Writer is also a top-notch blog designer. This Old Novel Theme, based on Thesis, was designed by the Wistful Writer himself. Using the Paperback12-Roman OpenType font and Futura, he evokes the feel of an old paperback book. The page numbers in the upper right corner indicate the year and the day of the year. For example, 1§327 refers to the 327th day of the first year that I started the blog (2007). 3§30 would be the 30th day of the third year, dating it January 30th, 2010.

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