There are things going on behind the scene everywhere, things that happen behind closed doors and in in shady places. What we see in the world is only our individual realities and not a representation of the world as others see it. Why should this blog be any different? Here are some fascinating (and some merely very interesting) tidbits about some noteworthy posts.

  • The photo in “Writing On A Page” was taken by the author. The Moleskine journal is the author’s real journal. However, the page text was not written with a Parker Jotter as might be suggested by the photo: a Pilot V5 Extra Fine Precise Rolling Ball pen was used.  This photo also served as the inspiration for an old blog header logo.
  • The diploma in “College Diplomas: A License to Talk Out of Your Ass” was created by the author. He is particularly proud of the seal sporting a bull. Forging documents used to be his bread and butter in his high school days.
  • The author’s Twitter icon is a photo he took with his Canon Digital Rebel XSi.  The pen is a Montblanc Meiterstuck, set atop his Moleskine.  A beautiful photo isn’t it?