There are so many people out there who claim to be writers. But they’re not really writers. Being a writer involves more than just updating your blog with the inane details of your daily life. You aren’t a writer just because you dot your daily journal with quirky quotes or amusing anecdotes. No, perhaps that qualifies you as clever and conversational. But a true writer is an artist the same way painters are artists. A true writer is a master wordsmith, crafting an emotional experience with great detail, every word with purpose. The pen is their paintbrush, the paper their canvas, and words their images. There is cadence in a writer’s words, meaning behind every choice of letter written. Every sentence is an artfully measured vessel, carrying in it depth, complexity, and movement.

I am only an aspiring writer. I have not reached that grand level of expertise. My mastery of the English language is not so great that every line I write is poetry. I strive to reach greater levels of expression. The greatest writers may use simple language in a concise manner or flowery words in fluidity, but there is always that seemingly unattainable poetry behind their words.Here’s to forever finding ways to improve in my pursuit of the art of writing.