In the interest of following blogging trends, I thought I’d write up something more…contentious. Anyway, for some reason, a lot of the classes I take consist mainly of females. Why I’m still single is beyond me (as well as the scope of this article). Well, actually, I already know the factors contributing to my unattached state. But I digress.

A couple of weeks ago, my professor (a vibrant and youthful 41 year old woman) started a tangential conversation about how hard it was for women and how unfair things were for women. One of her examples included how all the men on The Sopranos are “fat pigs,” yet their wives are with them. According to her (and the ladies in the class agreed wholeheartedly), weight gain is much more a woman’s issue than a man’s. “If we gain like, five pounds,” she said, “the guys go, ‘Whoa, what’s going on there?!'”

This tall Jewish fellow jokingly balked. “Five pounds?” he said, implying that a five-pound weight gain was rather significant and worthy of breaking up over. The guys in the class—myself included—chuckled heartily while the ladies gasped and chastised him for his insensitive comment. You could tell it was funny because my very quiet and serious visage actually cracked a grin.

While I would contend that women should simply leave men who are that superficial, it brought to mind these so-called inequalities women face. Today, I challenge that idea. Before I get started, let’s just get some things out of the way. Firstly, I’m going to disregard anything related to physical aspects (i.e. hormones and that time of the month). There’s absolutely nothing we can do about this short of pumping men full of estrogen and giving women birth control pills and anabolic steroids. Secondly, I am, for the record, very respectful of women and do not mean in any way to denigrate females. The point of this piece is to simply offer a different perspective.

Now let’s get five reasons why women have it easier than they think.

1) Mate retention

I haven’t done the research, but I don’t think it’s unheard of for a woman to divorce her husband because he lost his job and couldn’t get another one. I wouldn’t be surprised if “He just couldn’t provide anymore” is a common reason women divorce.

For women, mate retention behaviors involve maintaining a healthy and youthful appearance. Her ability to do so lies solely within herself. Staying young and healthy is in her control. She can make the decision to not eat fatty foods and to go to the gym for an hour every day. Am I saying it’s easy? No, but just bear with me.

Male mate retention behaviors involve resource display. This means a man must show that he can provide for his family. Men buy their wives expensive diamond bracelets and a new sports car to get her to stick around. They shower their wives with flowers and take them out to expensive restaurants when they are in trouble. When things get rocky, he’ll probably try to bust out first-class tickets to some far-off tropical destination.

If he loses his job, he risks losing his family. When you work a job, you are working with other people. You have to deal with a boss who could have it in for you. Your livelihood depends on pleasing your boss. This means that your ability to retain your mate is tied in to the will and whimsy of others. A man cannot make his boss like him. He can bribe him, beg him, pray to God Almighty, but at the end of the day, if his boss is a prick and just doesn’t like him, there is not one goddamned thing he can do about it. For women, it becomes a simple matter of self-discipline.

2) Creative careers

Like I said, men are expected to provide. To do this they must have resources. In today’s day and age, this means money. That money in this day and age comes in the form of a paycheck. The best paycheck is a steady one, and if it’s big and fat, all the better.

Us creative folks are passionate people. We all believe we are artists and that we should be able to express our artistic genius. In fact, if we don’t get to express ourselves, we feel as though we are being stifled and oppressed. To the most hardcore of the creative, the artist who chases a paycheck is a sell out. The artist who becomes a slave to some sort of normal career is chastised and spat upon, his black beret taken away and his goatee shaved off. But being an artist means not having a steady paycheck. The starving artist may be a stereotype, but it is also a serious reality a man must must consider if he is to pursue his art.

Those who consider academia their calling also seem to have this issue. So far, the majority of the young male adjunct professors I have met joked about having to marry a rich woman in order to pursue their goal of becoming a tenured professor. It isn’t too far from the truth: adjuncting doesn’t pay diddly. To be frank, I want to learn these guys’ secret: all of then were neither lookers (though some women might find them cute) nor Casanova’s. A couple of them were downright goofballs. Yet they were able to marry rich women. But, as usual, I digress.

For men who are creative or scholarly, life can be difficult if you intend to raise a family. You don’t get paid an annual salary for peddling your screenplay to Hollywood executives or passing your manuscript around to all the big publishing houses. There is no steady paycheck. Starving artists can’t afford to have a family, so a creative man who wants a family must make that decision: do I want to make art or make babies?

3) Freedom of choice: children, career, or both?

Women have more freedom of choice than they may believe. If she wants to get married and be a stay-at-home mom and make a career out of raising her children, she can. Yet today, she also has the choice to join the workforce and to pursue her career in the workplace instead of the home. Yes, it will be difficult, but hey, at least she can try.

Men on the other hand, don’t really have the choice to be a stay-at-home dad. Even without any hard data, I am damned sure that the percentage of married women in the workplace easily outnumber the percentage of married men guarding the home and hearth. I’d also like to know what percentage of women would actually be comfortable with their husband staying home to take care of the kids.

4) Psychological health

Women who are emotionally expressive or vulnerable are more desirable than women who are cold and stoic. Women are free to express their feelings. Tears are acceptable, whether they are from joy or sorrow. “Women are emotional creatures,” goes the common saying.

Men on the other hand are expected to be forever strong and vigilant. Weakness is not an option. I’m not talking about that intimate vulnerability that may win the hearts of women. I’m talking about a hard case of complete decompensation. A man who has a nervous breakdown is less a man than the one who takes all the hardships of life in stride. For a woman, people may look at her funny, but she isn’t really any less of a woman for it.

The expression of one’s emotional state is important to mental health. I’m not suggesting that we all become emotionally transparent to each other, but let’s face it: an emotional man is considered by many to be less masculine, and by extension, less desirable.

5) Sexual selection

This one is simple. The role of women in sexual selection is to choose her mate. The men come to them, they do not go to the men. Unless a woman is unusually ugly, I can say with great certainty that all she has to do is exist and she will be propositioned.

From an evolutionary standpoint, it sure looks like the males of the human species are the ones that have their work cut out for them. A man’s got to do the chasing. This requires considerable amount of resources, both emotional and material. A man is forever a slave to the evolutionary instinct to pass on his genetic material to the next generation. He must always strive to be better than the men around him, lest he suffer the fate of the dodo. For men, life is a struggle to reproduce. Women are the gatekeepers. They can just sit back and let the action unfold in front of them. Put quite factually, even a woman with just average looks will be asked out if she just sits around long enough. Men on the other hand, will decompose into a narcissistic state of delusion and loneliness if they think they can expect women to just come to him. I would know.

And there you go folks. There are five reasons women have it easier in some ways. When you think about it, women hold plenty of power. It’s just a matter of recognizing it and knowing how to use it.

Of course, before all the feminists start bashing me, let me just say that my personal opinion of how difficult it can be to be a man or woman in this world can be best summed up in this classic adage. Them’s the breaks. Men have got it tough in some ways, and women in others. Life’s not fair to either sex.

Now, off to write an “angry young man” screenplay…

  • Gary

    Agreed for the most part, both sexes have it hard in their own unique ways, because life in general, is a hard existance.

  • Baller Jones

    my dong is a hard existence

    • N

      The fuck.

  • Baller Jones

    “Fuck bitches, get money,” goes the common saying.

    I cosign this post, and the above 2 comments, by the way. BTW the profs that pull rich chicks are smooth as fuck. Take notes.

  • Anonymous

    I accept your challenge.

    1. First of all, “Staying young and healthy is in her control” goes against “I’m going to disregard anything related to physical aspects (i.e. hormones and that time of the month).” If you define “young and healthy” as “not having wrinkles and staying slim,” then I’m going to have to say that you’re wrong. The societal view of “young and healthy” goes against nature. Wrinkles appear simply because the skin around the area moves a lot, and women naturally pack on more weight as they age. All of this happens even if the woman chooses to eat healthy and exercise. The makeup and dieting industry makes a crapload of money off of these ridiculous societal norms. This is upsetting because I have seen extremes. I know one woman who wakes up before her husband every morning in order to put on makeup and look as perfect and young as possible, then goes to sleep at night after her husband falls asleep so he doesn’t have to see her aging face. Money is power, and unless a woman is born into a great trust fund, she will keep a man for as long as possible. If she left a man, she would have to search for a new one. As time passes, a woman can only lose her youth, while a man can keep making a steady income until he retires.

    2. This argument applies to everybody, not just men. These days, society has progressed to the point where women are expected to make at least a little income if they do not have children (77 cents for every dollar a man makes). If a woman does have a child, taking care of the child takes up most of their time and energy. A woman can only nap if the infant naps, and must take care of the infant when he or she awakens. As the child grows up, the woman becomes more and more involved with the child’s activites and less with her own (traditionally speaking ). On the other hand, a man can work in all different types of jobs that require creativity. Any type of job that has “design” in its description needs creativity as well as technical skills. Women can also work in these jobs, but they would need the technical skills as well. Hobbies can be carried out during leisure time, so it all depends on the individual’s ability to ration their time effectively.

    3. I believe that it is more likely that a woman would “choose” to have both children and a career in today’s world. Rather, she may choose to have a career, but is expected to have children. You must also take into consideration the pressure that a woman gets from her parents, who may just want grandchildren. Men do indeed have the choice to be a stay-at-home dad. As a matter of fact, I don’t see what is stopping a man from becoming a stay-at-home dad unless they just don’t feel “manly” doing so (and his ability to ignore irrational societal norms is lies solely in himself).

    4. I cannot find the article purely by Googling, but there was a study done within the last 2 years that showed that expressing anger (by screaming into a pillow and such) is not necessarily healthy because it encourages the desire to express it at inappropriate times as well. I bring this up because women who express anger by abusing their husbands are treated less harshly than men who hit their wives. Having the ability to get away with being emotional isn’t always a good thing.

    5. Women have to give birth. Men can just get laid and run for it.

    • First of all, thanks for reading. Secondly, I didn’t issue a challenge. You must’ve felt that this was a challenge of your own accord :P

      To set the stage, I should clarify that I wrote this as a response to the debate that was going on in my class. It was tangential to the class, but it was tied into the evolutionary viewpoint of, well, evolutionary psychology.

      I should be more clear in what I mean by disregarding the physical. I mean to say that I am disregarding PMS as an argument that women have it easier (hence my use of i.e., or should it be e.g?).

      Here is my response point by point.

      1) That woman you know needs to go find a new man. If she must engage in such extreme behaviors, she is with the wrong man. No woman deserves to suffer that level of superficiality.

      But you are missing my point. The point in there was about the fact that there are things that are easily out of a man’s control. The fact that a woman CAN engage in those mate retention behaviors REGARDLESS of who likes her or who doesn’t means that it is still within her own power to do so. Like I said, take a man who’s just doesn’t fit into his company’s corporate culture. Let’s say that his boss is racist and doesn’t like the man because of the color of his skin. He absolutely has no control over this.

      Put another way, a man’s obstacle in mate retention include other people who he has no control over. In contrast, a woman’s obstacle is biology, which is arguably a far more predictable and controllable enemy.

      2) Let me clarify what I mean by creative career. Someone who creates art for a living is someone who by my measure has a creative career. People like writers (and I mean people who create literary works and not your trashy formulaic grocery checkout line romance novel), painters, musicians, screenwriters and film directors, etc. These are all careers that revolve entirely one’s ability to create artistically. Jobs like creative director of marketing or advertising do not count. Basically, if you can be considered a starving artist pursuing your art, then that is what I count as a “creative career”.

      3) Societal pressure is something that is invariable. I’m not going to address that as a valid point. If you say that societal pressure says that a woman should have children, then that same pressure says that a man should have a job and not be a stay-at-home dad.

      4) I never said anything about anger. I am talking about a wide range of emotions. I quote my article: “I’m not suggesting that we all become emotionally transparent to each other.” I will reiterate. A man who expresses emotional weakness, such as feeling desperately clingy during times of psychological stress, is seen as much less masculine compared to a woman who expresses the same emotional affect.

      5) You’re not exactly elaborating on your point there, so I’m not sure what your argument is. Yes, she must bear the physical burden of carrying the child and to give birth. But I again point to evolutionary science. How does a woman get pregnant? She must have sex with a man. Barring extreme scenarios such as rape (all forms of it), she must give the man her permission. Thus, she is in the position of power. It’s up to her to have discretion in using that power.

      With that said, I’ll just reiterate my point: as my friend Gary says, life’s a hard existence. We just have to accept the facts and make the best of it.

    • Larry

      1. Do you see a lot of women under, say, 30 who are wrinkly? Wrinkles appear primarily due to age; smoking can speed up the process as well. SOURCE:

      Also, in a marriage, I don’t think it’s common at all for a man to leave his wife because she’s getting wrinkly in contrast to a woman leaving her husband because he’s not making enough money.

      2. It’s not like employers are personally discriminating against women so much to the point that it’s the leading cause of the income disparity. Women have more control over their level of income in relation to men than you might think:

      5. Most men can’t just get laid, period.

    • Anonymous

      My apologies, I thought sociology played a role in the argument. You’re right on all accounts evolutionarily though. It all comes down to which male is the best for mating :)

  • Anonymous

    In response to Larry:
    1. Apparently women getting old and wrinkly within ages 20 and 30 is actually an incentive for them to find more stable partners, leading to higher divorce rates in women. I stand corrected.


  • Gary

    I’m a bit late to this discussion, but I’m bored so I’ll chime in and throw in my two cents as a third party to the “debate.”

    1. Aging, for the most part, is out of our control. You can exercise, eat healthy and generally live a healthy lifestyle to prolong the process and essentially “age naturally,” but it is inevitable. Anonymous is right in that aging hits women harder, and there’s very little that can be done about it. Women have an expiration date. Tough luck. Young women are more attractive than older women. There are evolutionary reasons for this, which anyone whose educated will know and understand. Beyond that, whats important to understand is that this issue is not a matter of sociology, it isn’t a matter of men being “superficial,” it isn’t open for discussion on how it isn’t fair or whether it is wrong or not. It just simply is. Who do you blame if you’re in that situation? The universe, I guess, for putting you that situation. It’s like being born with a defective leg or something. There’s simply not much you can do about rather than accept it and not let it bother you.

    In fact, none of these things are fundamentally sociological issues, they are matters of sexually dimorphic life, projected onto the societal level given that humans are social creatures. Instead of having to eat a lot of protein in order to give off a pheromone in order to attract a potential mate or something, human females must put in the effort to do other things. Is it hard? Sure, but given the difference between a bird and a human, I’d say the pressure is at least proportional. Tell yourself, at least you aren’t being forced to run around doing dangerous things, putting your life in danger, just so you can get this amount of nutrient in so that you can attract a male. No, instead, you do other, probably equally ridiculous things, respective to human life, to achieve the same results.

    I haven’t even addressed the burden of having to carry a child or give birth but yes, it’s undoubtly hard being a woman. But, given the difference between a man and a woman, it is just as hard, in their own way, to be a man. The pressures aren’t the same, in nature or in human society. You don’t even have to be very educated to know that male-male competition in nature is often a nasty, brutal thing. The same is true for human society, just without the violence. Instead, it’s much more subtle and if you aren’t a man you probably wouldn’t understand the pressures that you have on you to do certain things. Maybe this is why men die sooner than women? Maybe this is why men are actually, given many studies, the psychologically weaker sex? I don’t know, perhaps. But my point is, when people say things like “men have it easier” or when men say “women have it easier,” well, those are really just ignorant statements that are born not out of serious thought, but just empty and emotionally loaded statements that reflect the speaker’s own unhappiness at their life- such that they have to explain their own unhappiness by rationalizing that they have an “unfair” amount of pressure on them.

    It’s start getting ridiculous when people take them seriously enough to put a political slant on it, i.e.: feminist ideology. Please.

    • Anonymous

      Of course, I didn’t mean to say that women definitely have it better one way or another. I only meant to weigh the cons along with the pros of being a woman.

      Feminists are silly anyways, especially when they try to pass the firefighter’s physical exam to prove that women are just as good as men at being firefighters. Spoiler: None of them could climb over a wall.

    • Iacobus

      Every person with a physical body has an expiration date, male or female. I think that makes everyone the same in that regard.
      And yes. I definitely agree that males don’t truely know what it means to be female and visa versa.

  • Gary

    I suppose weighing the cons of being a woman, or being a man for that matter, are good for self-expression but, for the sake of conversation, I also want to point out that it ultimately doesn’t mean much because a man would never truly understand what it’s like being a woman and vice versa, hence good for self-expression, not much so for serious debate.

    Feminism is an interesting topic because there are different “waves” of it (I’m a Wikipedia junkie.) In my opinion, a lot of truly “sexist” stuff was taken care of a long time ago in Western society. Things are a little different, and perhaps a little “backwards” in other places, but thats only because I’ve been indoctrinated to the Western way of things, but I digress- things like basic social rights, e.g., voting, were taken care of a long time ago. I’m all for female fire fighters and police if they meet the physical requirements, because women shouldn’t be barred from any occupation. I wouldn’t really call them feminists. Those are just regular gals. It’s the radical feminists that are bothersome. This might sound a little harsh, but it seems as if most radical feminists are just ugly and angry about it.

    That and they’re usually tied in with radical socialist ideas that aren’t realistic anyway. That whole paradigm is a complete mess. Men are biologically absolutely stronger than women in physical strength, but that doesn’t mean they’re “better.” It’s just a fact of nature. It certainly doesn’t mean that women don’t have other things that they are “better” at. In that way, the feminists you described are just taking on a very masculine idea of strength or “betterness.” They probably call this something dramatic like “destroying gender roles” or perhaps “undermining Capitalist imposed gender roles” (lol,) but seriously, who else cares? None of the girls I know don’t seem to give a crap about it. Ultimately, objectively speaking, there really are no strengths and weaknesses to any of the sexes, they are just different. Women can shine in their own way.

  • Jrw

    I think, certainly in the UK that women have everything on their side.  They are brought up as girls to look after people, cook, clean, shop then when they become adults they learn that they are equal to men. 

    In some professions it is or will become illegal to employ a man over a woman who is equally skilled.

    Women can have kids and the state will pay hefty benefits whether the dad is around or not (“mothers” get rights to the kids over “fathers”).  Dad sometimes ends up contributing financially to the kids’ upbringing even though they may never see each other and in many cases the money goes towards “mother’s” clothes, smoking, alcohol, or drugs rather than the child!  But we are only allowed to publicly congratulate these “mothers”, not criticise.

    If a woman loses a hefty amount of money there is usually a man to pick up the pieces and everyone will feel sorry for her.  Men who lose money on the other hand are just seen as failures.  Women also win when it comes to divorce, taking a large chunk of the husband’s wealth and sometimes ruining his life.

    Women still expect to have doors held open for them, dinners bought, to be driven everywhere and to be let off sinking ships first.  Basically, “equality” means women get every opportunity and can never be seen to have failed whilst retaining the old fashioned priveliges whilst men lose money, rights, kids and jobs and still have to bend over backwards for the ladies.

    All of this makes women multi-skilled in life.  They can do all the traditional female tasks and have, not necessarily the power but the pathways set out to do what ever they please in life without being frowned upon.  There are many people who disagree with some of the things women get away with particularly the more immoral, family or money related aspects, but in public debate we aren’t allowed to say anything against these women.

    Ther is no such thing as sexual equality.  Women are not better than men they just have it better than men,

  • ACDV

    this is absolute bull shit.

    • Dave

      you’re obviously a woman, most likely ugly to!

      • Emily

        You’re obviously a man, most likely poor and single too!

        And you obviously can’t spell or have correct grammar!

        • Rich Garriques

          your a real idiot

  • Emily

    If a woman has sex, she’s a s l u t. If a man has sex, he’s a stud.

    If a man gets angry, he’s assertive. If a woman gets angry, she’s a bitch.

    If a woman gets pregnant, she’s irresponsible. If a man gets a woman pregnant, she’s irresponsible.

    If a woman raises a child alone, she’s selfish and a terrible mother. If a man raises a child alone, he’s noble.

    If a woman stands up for her rights, she’s a fat man-hating lesbian. If a man stands up for his rights, he’s a hero.

    If a woman is stalked by a man, she must have led him on. If a man is stalked by a woman, she’s a crazy psycho bitch.

    You couldn’t take a head cold, idiot!

    Yes, well, there’s a such thing called rape. Men do it. And if we didn’t prepare ourselves, we wouldn’t be able to have a family. Sex appeal, anyone? Women die in the army! Are you a fucking idiot? There are women in that army! We earn our own money and spend it on our own shit! We have jobs! Sadly, today in our society, there’s this stupid stereotype about women being the perfect housewife! NO! WE HAVE JOBS! REJECTION IS BECAUSE MEN ARE WHINY LITTLE PIGS LIKE YOU!

    Let me just add that I am NOT a feminist in any way, shape, size, or form. Do you go through child birth? Are you forced to have a period every month, along with blood, acne, cramps, and PMS? NO! Do you take care of the household along with your own job? Do you get forced to sleep with someone to get a promotion? Are you the one who is presenting, and everyone is staring at your chest instead of your presentation? And what about girls, who have to shave their legs, apply makeup, and change their last name in order to have a family? And if all you people argue about physical labor, you could easily become a businessman and sit in a restaurant all day.

    The world is your urinal. Make good decisions.

    1. Nightlife: it might cost you your arm, sack, and left toe to be that schmuck with VIP bottle service like the watering hole for the hot gazelle’s at the club, but I can bet you those same gazelle’s spend more time waiting on line for the bathroom than giving that schmuck any attention. Face the facts, dudes pee in a matter of seconds, no TP required, the line is always shorter, and it just isn’t fair.

    2. Hooking up: Once a female is at a certain level of intoxication, ball is in your court. You’d be surprised at how often chicks don’t get approached and are sitting and waiting for the opp to just leave with the first guy that does. You don’t think that if we’re smart enough to run the world, we haven’t figured out that we should not be trying to find our dream guy at a club on a Friday night? Awesome if it works out, but YEAH RIGHT. After 12AM, you can have whatever you want, may not be your flavor, but you’ll get some ice cream if you care for it.

    3. Working out: Sorry Krum, but most chicks need a lot more that 20 minutes on the elliptical. Those that actually work hard to be hotter and in shape find dudes’ workouts to be a JOKE. All you need to do is lift some weights, do a little cardio, eat grilled chicken, egg whites, protein shake and muscle milk, and before you know it Fatty McFatter from the local library can be front and center on beefcake central bagging chicks in less than 2 months if he wanted to. While back at the ranch, local Weight Watchers rather, chicks are counting points equivalent to the food they’re eating praying to God they lose .05 lbs by next weigh-in.

    4. Kids: You don’t give birth…unless you’re Thomas Beatie. Nor do you get a monthly reminder of the fact that you can.

    5. Hair: Unless you’re Pauly D, your hair is far easier and faster to manage. While we’re on the topic… it’s also easier for you to get dressed at any point of the day, be-it in the morning for work, or right before the cabs arrive to go out.

    6. Money: You’ll probably always get paid more than us, from CEO to waitress, “Yet nearly half a century later, in the first three months of 2012, women still earned only 82.2 percent of what men earned.”

    • david

      funny how you got this from yahoo answers and you know none of that is not true. women always want to play the victim you know dam well men have it harder. we have to deal with you complaining all day about everything. “omg why do men have it harder” omg why is the earth so round” you complain about everything stfu already.

    • look at this one!

      When a Woman has to work, go into debt to built a career and spends $100s each month killing themselves in the gym eating 5000 calories a day JUST for the chance to Spend their money on a man then they can have sex without being called sluts.

      A Man who earns his pussy is a stud. A Woman who gives in to gluttony and takes because it is handed to her will always be a WHORE.

  • dddiii

    You also didn’t mentioned how women cannot be tried for rape in so many places. Poor men.

    • Jay Bartgis

      and the fact more men are raped in prison and nothing is done about it. And men are raped in society and the fact when you add these all together: there are more male rapes than female.

      • Aislinn

        they’re in prison for a reason. a lot of them for accounts of rapes and murders. You are completely wrong. Prison is a place of punishment, I’m pretty sure if I’m walking down the street and get raped I did not deserve it. Did you forget that we have to deal with shit INVOLUNTARY? unlike men?? in everyone of these lists all I see is “women play victim” and “women can have more sex because they’re more desirable than men” but do you realize we don’t give a fuck about things like that? do you realize we don’t just choose if we want periods every month, like giving birth is a breeze and doesn’t leave scarring and bleeding for months, and 9 months of extreme pain and discomfort, and leaving your job most of the time unpaid to bring MEN into this world!! Women don’t chose to get paid less. Or get hit on my pervs. More fathers than mothers walk out on their children.. its a hell of a lot easier for men to leave. You guys really have no idea.

        • Pablo Martin Podhorzer

          “Prison is a place of punishment”

          NOPE. So, you are a Nazi, I understand.

  • MidnightRapist

    all women are whores and should be raped

    • aislinn

      you’re disgusting

  • YoYoDiggieDog

    Men are whining little pigs? You're the only one wrong right now. Of you did not just read this. He says he is expressing his opinion

  • foobar

    @Emily Funny ! You have good writing skills.. Poor that you used to [speak on] about non-existent woman's plight in a developed nation like America.  Somewhere you mentioned "sleeping with bosses for promotions"… yeah ! At least you have a chance at promotion just because of your sex instead of talent. It is just a play of words. One can make anything look like anything else.

    [Moderator's Note: Edited for civility]

  • Mike

    @Emily You’re disgusting. There are some women who die in the army, but it shouldn’t even have to be said that it’s nothing compared to the number of men that die every day in combat for countries everywhere. This guy may not be right on every point that he made in this article, but he was just trying to convince eternal victims like you to consider for a moment that men have problems too. BTW, you’re right though that you’re not a feminist, you’re a fat bitch.

  • saena

    This post was so stupid it made my eyes cross.  You speak in cliched stereotypes and make ridiculous assertions while simultaneously admitting that you have done zero research.  You pick and choose a few areas where you can make a half-assed argument and expect that to prove women have it easier.  NO ONE EVER SAID MEN DON’T HAVE PROBLEMS!  And if they did say it, they’re stupider than you are.  But on the whole, our culture does everything it can to treat women as less-than-human creatures who can’t be trusted with ownership of their own bodies.  Women are expected to play the gazelle-prey to the men’s lion-hunter, and be damn grateful for it.  You know why some women trade on their bodies and use men for money?  Because they have been trained for thousands of years that it’s the only power they’ve got and they’re using it in the way our society tells them to.  Oh, and just for good measure, EVERY SINGLE ONE of your complaints would disappear if feminism actually succeeded in getting rid of the patriarchy.  Our society is not balanced, and it’s bad for everyone.  If you want men to be free to be in relationships that aren’t based on their financial strength, to not be judged as a mate solely on their appearance (much more an issue for women, btw), to be a stay-at-home dad, or to express their emotions more freely, then you should support the feminist movement.  We want ALL PEOPLE to have the same rights, and at least for most of us, that includes men.

  • CreativeOne707

    @saena Actually it is mainstream feminist thought that men have it the easiest and that their lives are full of privilege.  You know that patriarchy myth that keeps getting thrown around.  If there is a patriarchy why is society designed to make life easier for women?

  • CreativeOne707

    @Aislinn The majority of prisoners in america at least are for non violent crimes

  • buzz lightyear

    you are a sad little man-buzz lightyear

  • Somuchformuffins

    Exactly! He is entitled to their own opinion and is allowed to share it. I agree with him personally. The reason women always win these arguments is because they have their feminist army standing behind them ready to shoot the first person to challenge them. If you so much as think about challenging the popular feminist opinion, you are viewed by people everywhere as ignorant and stupid. This is talking from personal experience. I am respectful to women and do not wish to insult or harm anyone. I am entitled to my opinion just like you are to yours. So women, stop and think of things in a man’s point of view.

  • Somuchformuffins

    Correction: he is entitled to HIS own opinion.

  • ghost_soldier2

    CreativeOne707 don’t expect an honest answer anytime soon from her and oh yeh….when ships are sinking let’s remove the ‘women’ thing out of ‘women and children first’ I mean, just saying…since we’re talking about equality and all >_> lol

  • Rob07018

    I love how all the insults stem from women…despite your great piece with dead-honesty.  And yet they still complain and cast blame… You’ve presented some serious empirical evidence…Great work. You’ve proven your point. Happy Thanksgiving by the way.

  • Rob07018

    @saena : Men also have no say over their own genetic offspring… But….”damn those oppressors… They have less rights than women do.” When will women ever decide to take up responsibility? My guess is as good as never.

  • Rob07018

    @Aislinn: Most people in jail are due to misdemeanors… or large amounts of drugs… Hardly rapists.. Nice blanket statement though… Unfortunately it holds no substance.

  • @saena The rules say to be nice. I encourage all of us to speak up and add to the conversation. Saying things like “This post was so stupid it made my eyes cross” does not add anything to the conversation. This is, I hope, a place for stimulating discourse, not name-calling.

    What cliched stereotypes do I use? I don’t think I said that anyone made the claim that men don’t have problems. If I did, please point out where I did so so that I can learn from my mistake. 

    You make claims that “our culture does everything it can to treat women as less-than-human creatures who can’t be trusted with ownership of their bodies.” Please provide an example. I have. It’s only fair that you provide one as well.

    Now, about all people having the same rights, I am in agreement. That, if anything, sounds more like a Madonna-esque “humanist” stance, i.e. you focus on the liberation of not just women but men at the same time. I do not support the radical feminist movement because it is less inclined to be a wholistic view that takes into account the other half of the equation. I do support the liberation, equality, and agency of all humankind—a label is, to me, unnecessary.

    Thank you for your contribution to the conversation.

  • @ACDV It’s been a while since I checked in on my blog, but comments like these will not be tolerated because they don’t add anything to the conversation. If you believe this is “bullshit” then explain why rationally and provide examples. Otherwise, keep your opinions to yourself; to be frank, I don’t care about your opinions unless you have some reasoning. I only wish that I had caught this comment and the two comments from Dave and Emily.

  • Q

    Talking men and women is always tricky, because even if you do get both sides of the story there’s never a guarantee either one or both isn’t going to be biased towards itself to a degree.

  • Anonymous

    *asexual laughter*

  • The_D_Man

    Butt hurt women in coming, you know this article speaks the truth. Western women have life on easy mode and you still bitch and complain. Give me a break, grow up bitches.

    Social conditioning and hypergamy mean that women always look to marry UP. The problem with women is that they always look UP the social ladder. They look up and see the top successful men, who have everything. These men have wealth, money, power, and their pick of the hottest women. So these women thought to themselves, wow, being a man is great.

    BUT, what they NEVER see are the men below them in the lower spectrum of the social ladder. They don’t understand that these men’s sufferings are magnitude higher than that of women. Imagine you are a lower status male, you have no power, you can’t select a mate, you can’t attract a mate, you can’t even speak to potential mates, and you have no alternative. Your only option is to seek economical advancement, but thanks to feminism and affirmative action, it may not even be possible.

    Which is why men don’t feel pity when women claim to be lonely, because there is a whole universe of loneliness that these women can’t even imagine.