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The Complacency of Women and the Downfall of Traditional Courtship

Women in the modern day have many options. Given the freedom they asked for, they now complain that it is impossible to find marriageable men and mourn the death of the courtship [PDF here]. Women question whether they can indeed have it all. When they fail to achieve their lofty dreams after being given the freedom to succeed and to follow their heart’s desires, they complain about men. And boy do they complain. [ Cont'd ]

A Long Road Ahead: Rewriting My Novel

According to the timestamp of the text file that contains the first chapter of my novel, I began my journey of writing on the 10th of August in 2010. Nearly two and a half years have passed since then, and I have yet to complete the novel. Granted, much of that time was spent learning more about writing and tending to my academics. Nonetheless, I returned to my novel with fresh eyes and was horrified at what I saw. [ Cont'd ]

The Spirituality of Fireworks: On Adulthood and Creature-Feeling

On July 4th, 2012, at 9:15PM, there was a spectacular fireworks display in West Orange, New Jersey. There I was, no more than half a mile away from the launching point, watching the sparkling lights exploding into patterns of perfect spheres of light up into the pitch black night sky. There were all manner of pyrotechnic displays, but my favorite was the one where amber lines of twinkling light lingered in the air forever, drifting across the night sky together in tandem. It looked to me like what magical fairy dust would look like if it existed in real life. Over the next twenty minutes or so, I marveled at the magic bursting in the air. And then, near the end of the show, my eyes welled up wtih tears. I was on the verge of crying. [ Cont'd ]

Crafting My Novel: A Writer's Technique Detailed – Contrast

By design, I had written my novel to be more on the simple side. I use simple language and—save for a few pivotal and meaningful moments—you would find few passages that sound “literary”. I use a lot of nature imagery and I make vague allusions to Mark’s pastoral aspirations. The reason for this is to create a discord between the story’s setting and its content and style. When one thinks of New York City, one thinks of rapidness. There is a quickness to the speech. A sense of speed, efficiency. Things move fast in this city. There’s no time to stop and smell the roses. [ Cont'd ]

On Writing A Novel: Choosing The Right Effects

I recently got feedback from my short story entitled Little Marky and Mister Turtle. My readers loved it. As I sat there listening to the reactions to my story, a silly grin kept growing on my face, getting bigger by the second. And I’ll tell you why. [ Cont'd ]