I’m not sure if it’s writer’s block or what, but writing this novel seems to be a great deal more challenging than my screenplay. Two pages in and I can’t make an impression. I sound like shit.I write like shit. There’s nothing powerful about my words. I don’t know…I know I’m a verbose and lengthy bastard, but is the novel really my element? Or should I stick with my screenplay?

I guess I’ll keep trying to hack it, stick it out for a small while. But really, this isn’t coming as easily as the screenplay did. I don’t know…I guess I need to read more books and study them more. It makes sense that writing a screenplay comes more easily to me. After all, I’ve watched many more films than I’ve read books, and I’ve dissected and analyzed film. I’ve barely ever analyzed a book, not to the same degree that I do with film. Book reports in junior high don’t count.

I think I have to find my voice. I have to find my character. Instead of trying to write descriptively like a fucking amateur, I need to tell a story through the character. I need to find his voice. I have to put into words the emotions that I see in the mise en scene of my film…I think I’m going to have to start reading and thinking about these novels more. I knew a novel would be a much greater undertaking…but still. I really hope that it’s just writer’s block that I’m getting right now, because it certainly isn’t going to get any easier.