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The Courage To Live Life

Just yesterday, I met two interesting people who I felt were truly courageous in their pursuit of their dreams.

I met the first one when I left a Midtown office building. This black woman with a London accent complimented me on my outfit. “Love the shoes,” she said with enthusiasm, “love the modern fit of your suit, love the leather envelope, I love it all!” [ Cont'd ]

The Effect of Losing Existential Angst In Writing My Novel

My novel, as I envision it, is a Bildungsroman structured after the pastoral elegy. It is a portrait of the curious condition of urban loneliness and contains undercurrents of faith. The novel follows Mark, a young salesman who makes barely enough money to purchase bespoke suits. He is anachronistically old-fashioned in a modern world, and is trying to make sense of how to get along in the world. He laments the death of childhood and innocence, and is seeking a sense of integrity in his life. Always looking back over his shoulder at the past and to his memories, Mark finds himself failing to connect with others around him due in part to his curse of nostalgia. By novel’s end, we see that Mark begins to grow into adulthood. He forgoes the past and looks to the future with renewed faith in the gentleman’s code of conduct. Where he once saw a world of pain, suffering, and stupidity that he detaches from, he comes to engage in and participate in that world. The novel, hopefully, is an expression of a suggestion for the liminal outsiders and sensitive people of the world on how to get by in the world. [ Cont'd ]