Split Decision by Wistful Writer

A life-long New Yorker, the author of this world renowned blog is a student of film by way of self-study. Having tucked away his aspirations for becoming a screenwriter, he found the spaciousness of literary creation a freedom not afforded to the 120 page limit of screenplays. Our Wistful Writer is a fan of short stories. The ones he writes are often inspired by the snippets of life that one glimpses by simply moving through life with a pair of open eyes and open ears. Many of his pieces tend to be long winded. He is neither succinct nor concise; he prefers to take his audience down a road rich with details, hoping to impart his emotional experience to them. He also recently dug himself further into debt by purchasing a Canon Digital Rebel XSi. How he takes such cool photos with a kit lens is beyond anyone.

Having varied and diverse experiences in life is important to any creative process, and the author has been around enough to have accumulated many interesting experiences. He has worked in a wide variety of environments, from chocolate shops to insurance offices, from billion dollar art galleries to retail stores. With a long standing interest in learning and applying concepts of social psychology, he has a fascination with con games and salesmanship.In his personal life, the author is largely an introverted person, preferring to spend his time with a close circle of friends (it’s a very small circle, you couldn’t push a pencil through it). Family is an important part of his life. In his spare time, he can be seen doing volunteer work for people in need of help as a Solutions Consultant for the Think Carton organization. Other activities he enjoys include watching movies, frequenting book stores and coffee shops (oftentimes for people watching), meandering the city with someone he values, and enjoying oldies music. He is also the occasional cook and enjoys learning from The Food Network. The author is currently single and hopes one day to find true love with that “100% Perfect Girl“.The author’s motivation for writing this blog is not so much to exhibit his fabulous writing skills. Rather, it is more of a personal chronicle of his entrance and passage through a particular phase of his life. Years down the line, he will look back upon these writings and reflect upon his youthful immaturity and realize that wisdom without action means nothing. Plus, it’s good practice for him: he’s working on a novel that he promises will be a veritable masterpiece.

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