Boy, I can’t wait to transition back to a desktop. I miss my Apple Keyboard. I miss my 19″ widescreen monitor. I miss my iTunes. I miss my Photoshop and my massive hard drives. I was supposed tobe playing ArmA and Crysis for crying out loud! At least my music library is on my MyBook. And so are my magic videos. As a result of the inaccessibility of my HD video library, I’ve resorted to making use of my Netflix Instant Watch. I ended up watching Columbo. After the first two episodes, I realized that the detective in American Psycho was doing a pretty good impression of Columbo.

I also noticedthat I’m not so disinclined to do other things now…not having a computer is actually kind of liberating. I guess I was addicted to it. I was always managing my downloads…I had so much stuff to watch I couldn’t keep up with it all. My hard drives were filling up more and more, and I had to get new storage. Boy, what a terrible lifestyle…but then again, I don’t think I ever declined hanging out with my friends simply because I had tons of things to watch. In fact, that’s part of the reason I have tons of things to watch: because I’m not watching things 24/7. I think it’s just my imagination.Anyway,I’ve decided on my new setup. In order to save power, I’m going to use this laptop, an IBM X41, as a download machine. It’s connected to my MyBook 500GB right now, and I’ll soon have a 320GB Passport drive as well. It’s definitely much lower power than my Blackbird 002 will be, and I don’t need a powerhouse to download stuff. The Passport drive will shuttle files back and forth, offloading things I intend to keep for the long-term onto my 750GB SATA. The Blackbird will obviously handle everything else, from photo and video editing to gaming. I’m considering using Remote Desktop, but we’ll see.