You know, I just noticed something…a small observation. Every time I hear about a girl I know meeting someone, even if I don’t know her very well, even if I may not necessarily be romantically interestedin her…I cringe. Not visibly, of course, but inside. It’s as if I am mourning the fact that in all likelihood, she’s going to be meeting an asshole. And the world is one female less for me to charm. I think it’s also the fact that, although I’m genuinely happy for somebody to have met someone, I feel a little jealous that my own love life isn’t so fecund.

Yeah, that’s all…just a small observation. Boy, not having a full-fledged powerful desktop is forcing me to write and observe. About rather inane things I might add. I don’t know if this is good or bad, but maybe it’s time for me to start working on that screenplay I’ve been meaning to bang out. But as my brother quotes from Buffet, you can’t go searching for a good idea. One will just come to you. Or something to that effect.