Sandy the Secretary
Sandy the Secretary

Unfortunately, my personal secretary, who happens to service probably hundreds of thousands,if not millions, of other folks organize their thoughts, is going to be retiring. Her name was Sandy, and I will miss her. I sure hope that she shows up somewhere in my life again. She was always interesting, reliable, and pleasant to work with. Always prompt, never late for work, and always at my beck and call.

On a more serious note, whenever I think of code and programming, I always think of how the interface should be friendly, maintaining a resemblance of how you interact with people. This is even reflected in my Think Carton contact form. I like to bring a conversational tone to the table: just because you’re on the Internet doesn’t mean you have to translate technobabble or feel like you’re trapped in some kind of impersonal system.

Looks like I’ll have to find another way to keep notes. Here’s something I found in the announcement:

What services should we look at to take the place of Stikkit and/or Sandy?

We have been continuously impressed by the following calendar, to-do list, and notebook’ing services:* Google Calendar:* Remember the Milk:
* Backpack:
* PBWiki:

I’ll be checking these out in the near future.