So there was this “cute” (yet another word I hate to use) Puerto Rican girl in my class using a Lenovo netbook. I realized right now that I could’ve struck up a conversation with her. Quite easilytoo. I am looking into purchasing a netbook, she has a netbook, I have questions, she may have answers.

But then I also realized that I didn’t open my mouth and talk to her. Why not? It surely wasn’t out of fear. It wasn’t like I had a thing for her and was going to ask her out. And it wasn’t because I’m shy. Being a salesman ripped that right out of me. I realized that I simply did not have such inclinations.

The thought of asking her about the netbook didn’t even cross my mind. The thought of having a conversation didn’t ever once enter my thoughts. I simply noted that she had a netbook, saw it was a Lenovo, noticed how small it was in real life, and made a mental note to check out Lenovo netbooks on NewEgg. And that was that.

And why should that surprise me? I am afterall, as my MBTI says, an introvert. I am an INFP: introverted, intuitive, feeler, perceiver. Though the validity of the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator is a polarized debate, I find that it is rather accurate for me as well as the vast majority of people that I apply it to. But I digress.For quite a while, I felt lost. I didn’t feel centered. I was trying to moderate who I was. Instead, I’ve begun to come to terms with my nature: that I am quiet and introspective. The old fashioned strong silent type. And I’m okay with that. It’s not some debilitating lack of ability to socialize. I’d be concerned if it were social anxiety disorder. But it’s not. I just don’t have that drive to reach out to talk with people.These days, I say to myself, “Embrace all that is you.” And why not? I’m awesome.