I had made my decision to move from writing for film to writing a novel a while ago. I wish I had come across this article first: it would’ve sped up my decision making process. The article clarifiesmy instincts and expresses what I felt about the distinction between the two mediums.

I feel satisfied that I started my screenplay, as it can be the springboard for my novel. I had originally planned on writing my screenplay first, and then expanding it into a novel. Then I concluded it would probably be easier to create a larger work, and then carve out the screenplay from it. Not only that, considering that I am an idealist who doesn’t believe in subscribing to an artificial system of commercialization based on a power structure (read Hollywood), I feel that the novel will be my best bet in putting myself on the map. Once I establish myself as a serious and published writer, I will have the necessary foothold to pursue my vision of my novel as a film.

Having settled definitively on writing my “portrait of loneliness” as a novel, I find it frustrating that I can’t seem to immerse myself in the loneliness that is necessary. The summer time is just too bright and sunny. I am feeling too cheery, and my happiness is distracting me from my work. As such, I’m finding it difficult to stay in character. Well, I find it difficult to get into character for that matter. I remember being in a good writing mood when it was cool enough to drink hot coffee, and even better when it was cold enough for me to wear my long coat. I suppose the autumn and winter time are best suited to my attempt to capture loneliness, but I hate to be sitting without a writing project.