I wish I lived in a time and place where men still wore suits everywhere and men were still gentlemen, women ladies, and children innocent.

A man walks into the room. He is wearing an extremely well-madesuit that cuts a dashing figure. The entire suit impresses upon everyone an acute sense of precision. His crisp silhouette implies power and sharpness of mind. At least that’s the way I imagine the impression of a suit being. Just because I have a deep appreciation for finely crafted suits doesn’t mean that everyone else does. That was a scene of a man in a suit through my eyes. For someone else, suits could mean an entirely different thing.

Despite my advanced age, I am still going to classes to earn my undergraduate degree. I am mostly around girls between the ages 19 and 22. I do wonder what their impressions would be when I walk into the classroom in a sharp looking suit and a leather briefcase. What do women think of a man dressed in a very expensive suit, sitting at a Starbucks with a MacBook Air? I imagine that the way it is hard for a man to approach a woman in a very attractive dress, it might be hard for a woman to approach a man in a nice suit.I do believe that it isn’t unreasonable to theorize that my image could be one of elitism and lack of approachability. As impressive as my clothing would be to myself, it could very well be intimidating to others. It could easily project an air of inaccessibility. These thoughts aren’t unfounded: I’ve had women tell me that a suit can feel very formal and not very conducive to casual chitchat. Sometimes it can give off the sentiment, “Look but don’t touch!” I’ve also been told that I can sometimes carry a dark air around me. Accenting that untouchable energy with my visage whose brow defaults to a ever-so-slight scowl and you can imagine why it would take a very rare and brave girl to approach me.I have never let the opinions of others stop me from doing what I like or feel is right. It is a personal statement of mine to wear a suit, to project an image of refinement. I am not like most others, and I refuse to bend to societal norms. And so I will go forth with the enjoyment of wearing my suits. But it certainly would behoove me to remain aware of the various perceptions that emerge from different lenses.