There is an enormous amount of press coverage regarding the death of Annie Le. Today, in the New York Daily News, I came across an article about the funeral that was held for the beloved young woman.In this article was this snippet of interest.

Her half-brother, Dan Nguyen, described his delight doing the simplest of things with his sister: watching cartoons and playing with stuffed animals.
“It was the silly girl she always was that made us all love her,” Nguyen said. “It was through these little things, not her academic achievements, that made the most impression on us. Only now do I realize how important Annie was to me.”

Only after the death of his sister did Dan come to understand what she meant to him. Only after this irreversible event did it strike him to reflect upon the meaningful impact she had on his life. The question I ask to everyone is this: why are you all so forgetful?

I have observed that people are more often than not incredibly forgetful. People are not mindful of their relationships with those they feel close to. Keeping your loved ones in mind is not easy, but it is not painstakingly difficult either. It is a shame that Annie had to die for Dan to feel that way. Unfortunately, that is the way most people work. They do not appreciate what they have until it is taken away from them. People take so much for granted, only to discover an a devastating feeling of loss when it is taken from them.I remember everything, and everything means a lot to me. Small acts of kindness are enormous in my eyes. I remember so many things…the comfortable chair that I sit in right now, it was a gift from my aunt and uncle. The beautiful Yves St. Laurence wallet I carried before I got my money clip: also a gift from them. My uncle had helped me with calculus for hours and hours, even before he became my uncle through marriage to my aunt. I do not forget these things. The times when my friend Luanne was there for me to talk to, when Malissa and I dissolved our relationship, I remember this. The way she punctuates my lonely existence at the most convenient and fortuitous of times is not lost on me. My brother is always in my mind, one of the few people who are close to me. As much as I carry a sense of bitterness towards my mother and my father, I do not forget how fortunate I am for all that theyhavegiven me compared to a life of poverty.I carry these thoughts in my mind every single day. These sentiments are in my heart every waking moment of my life. I may not consciously think of how much I love these people, but it is an inherent part of my being. It becomes instinctive for me to return to them the time, energy, and kindness that they showed me. It is the reason that with these people, I will always rise to the call of duty when asked. I treat those who are close to me very well, because I do not forget all that they have done for me. And although they may not see it as much, every little thing counts in my book. A caring conversation or a kind word means so much more to me than anything material. Some people invest in stocks, other securities or bonds, maybe even in baseball cards or comics. I invest in people. And perhaps that is one of the biggest gambles one can ever take, but I must be who I am.

People are dismissive, forgetful, and usually only kind when convenient. I believe that many people would feel bad about a death of someone close to them partially due in part to some unresolved expression of appreciation. I do not believe that I have any such qualms. I treat people the way I feel about them. I love my friend Luanne. I treat her as such. Should the day come when she will again call upon my service as a friend, I will more than gladly oblige. In fact, I insist that she come to me in times of need. Most others would not give of themselves so freely and without question. Should the day come that I lose someone I love, it would be a most deeply grievous day. But I would not have feelings of regret that I did not act true to my heart.

We should always remember to be grateful for the good in our lives. We should not forget those who would be kind towards us, those who are generous and giving to us. We should act upon that love that we may have in our hearts, for there is no better time than the present to show our appreciation and love to those who we love and care for. Why should we wait until our loved ones die, forever disappearing from our lives, to realize the true extent that they affect us? If we hold our relatives dear and close to our hearts and keep their kindness in mind, our actions would reflect such sentiments and all of our lives would be warmer and more joyous.