This lady has issues with her roommate stealing her boyfriends. Yes, yes, the roommate is trouble, and if you ask me the lady ought to find a new best friend. Jane, presumably the columnist, dispensesthis advice: “Maybe you could just make sure that you don’t take your new boyfriend home and then she won’t be able to get her claws into him. Or you could ask her to leave.”

Hmm…so let me get this straight. You can either make your boyfriend think that you live in a dump that you’re ashamed of or you could get rid of your roommate? Is that about right?

That’s a load of nonsense if you ask me. For one, if she’s bringing home guys that succumb to such outrageous flirtations, these are precisely the sort of men you don’t want as a husband (assuming that this woman, like the majority of society, is looking for a long-term partner). You don’t want to have to watch your man every second, checking to see if he’s getting a woodie looking at the girl bending over and wondering if he’s plotting ways to get her into bed.

Although the whole situation may be uncomfortable for the lady and her boyfriend, I’d say it’s actually a good test of a man’s character. Personally, I’d like to be put in such a situation: these sorts of things are rather easy for me to deal with. Avert your eyes from the naughty bits, look the woman right in the eyes, and politely explain that while she is an attractive woman, you are here to spend time with your date and that it would be very kind of her to give them some privacy. Tests like these afford me an opportunity to demonstrate social grace and the ease of my ability to remain steadfast to my rule of being a one woman man.

With that said, if I were living with my best friend and he wouldn’t stop hitting on my girlfriend, on pure principle I’d just have to a few stern words with him, letting him know that I wouldn’t be beyond resorting to fisticuffs to deal with his poor manners. I’m not fond of keeping around such company anyway, so it’d be easy for me to let him know that his disrespect towards me and my woman is grounds for a dissolution of our friendship. Regardless, if a girl leaves me to be with my roommate/best friend, so be it. I have no patience for women who have no sense of loyalty, particularly those who believe that the grass is greener on the other side.