This OKCupid blog article on why you should never pay for online dating basically confirmed my hypothesis: that there really aren’t actually all that many good active matches on these websites. For me,it was the worst on eHarmony. At least on Chemistry I got a couple of dates. I don’t remember if I wrote on this exact issue that OKCupid addresses, but I always did suspect that the number of active members were ridiculously low. The mathematical analysis they did certainly confirms why in six months I didn’t get any replies on three dating sites.

Sidebar: the article had an interesting little quote. “When people look for love, they want as many options as possible.” This is, without a doubt, going to be the starting point of another piece I’m going to write.

I haven’t been very good about tagging my posts, but I just may have to read my old posts on dating. I haven’t given much thought to the topic in a while.