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Mad Men's Bye Bye Birdie ad comparison

[flv:wistfulwriter-byebyebirdie.mp4 525 308]


I recently found out that my Bye Bye Birdie/Mad Men comparison video on YouTube was taken down by Lionsgate. What really got me angry is thefact that there are tons of other video clips showing the same Bye, Bye Birdie introduction, only they were even more useless. At least my video was a comparison between the Mad Men Patio Diet television advertisement and the actual introduction to the film itself.

Anyway, here’s my way of sticking it to the man. Screw this oppressive regime of random or selective copyright enforcement. If there’s one thing I have a deep hatred for, it’s unfairness and fickleness.

Download the HD MP4 file here.

My irritation at second guesses

I recently had said that I have a 90%+ success rate whenever I get a job interview. My friend second guessed me by saying that he assumes that the percentage is based on my confidence. I got slightlyirritated. It’s not because I’m some hugely narcissistic dictator who demands completely loyalty of those around me, that they take my word blindly.

I realized that it’s because I take great care in every word that comes out of my mouth. I’m not like most people. For the most part, what I say is thought out carefully. Because of that effort on my part, it’s irritating when someone questions what I say as though I just spouted out some bullshit. I am the type of person who says what I mean and means what I say. Generally speaking, you can take me at face value: there’s no guess work. I also am not one to brag or make false claims. When I self-aggrandize, you can tell I do so out of jest.

I was irritated this other time when I asked my brother to mail me a package via UPS. He suggested that he could mail it out via the USPS, or maybe FedEx. Now, I know it’s a little unfair for me to get irritated, but I couldn’t help it when he made these other suggestions. When I make a request (and I seldom do), and when I make a specific request, I have a very good reason for being specific. In this case, I chose UPS as the carrier because FedEx Ground and the USPS are not reliable. Either they will fail to deliver it or they leave it out in the open for someone to steal. UPS has never failed me in the past and so far they have been the most reliable and most desired choice of shipping service.Basically, I have to realize that most people do not take such care in their expression in daily life. That’s why when some other Joe Schmoe claims that he has a 90%+ success rate for job interviews, it’s okay to question him. The thing is, I wish that those who should know me better would remember that when I speak, they should take it at face value. The vast majority of the time, when I make a statement or assertion, it is correct. If I have only close to a 90% success rate, I would say so. I would say, “Whenever I have a job interview, I get it close to 90% of the time.”The other thing that irritates me intensely is when people second guess you based on an assumption. In this case, my friend assumed that I couldn’t mathematically have a 90%+ success rate, “unless you had 9+ jobs…” Well guess what bucko? I did have more than 9 jobs.

Again, it’s unfair for me to get irritated because most people probably haven’t held more than 9 jobs, and again, most people tend to make up percentages and overexaggerate their success. But still, I can’t help it.

Small insight into the suicidal mind

Suicide is a big deal. It’s important to me because it’s something that is usually preventable. It’s also a topic that seems to bring out the worst in people as demonstrated by some of the commentersin this blog post I read today.
If you read the comments, you’ll see how people are quick to offer their sorrow and condolences. You’ll also see how people just as quickly negate the value of their sympathies by saying things like:

“…it’s so hard on the survivors.”
“It hurts so much to see someone take their own life.”
“Suicide is a very selfish thing to do.”
“Nine years ago I lost a very dear friend to suicide via hanging. It’s a painful thing to inflict on others.”

It is a painful thing to inflict on others? Really? Really!?!? People are very good at demonstrating how self-absorbed and selfish they really are.

This was my response:

I don’t mean to rock the boat here, but for all of you who say that suicide is selfish and that it is painful to those other than the one who committed suicide, I would like for all of you to read up on suicide.

Please, take a step back from yourselves. Saying how suicide is selfish and painful to the victim’s loved ones is, when you think about it, in fact a self-centered thing to say.The person who commits suicide is in so much pain and suffering. Imagine if you were suffering the worst pain you can possibly fathom, and the only solution to ending it was to end your life: would you be thinking of how everyone else feels? Even when you are simply having a terrible rotten day, do you think of how someone else might feel because of your nasty attitude? Magnify that a thousand times and you may begin to understandhowsome suicidal people may feel.I’d like to take this opportunity to remind all of us that we should be more conscientious towards those we love. We never know when they will leave us, so treat each day as an opportunity to show how much you love them.

I just want to expand a little on my response, which was not as well written as I’d like due to my morning rush (hence my writing of this piece). Actually, I’ve decided to rant.

People, WAKE THE FUCK UP. Do you REALLY fucking think that someone who committed suicide GIVES ONE DROPLET OF SHIT about what the fuck YOU’RE going to go through due to their death??? TAKE YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASSHOLE YOU SELF-CENTERED PIECES OF SHIT. That person was suffering through an immense amount of pain, and ultimately ended their life in order to escape that pain. Do you REALLY THINK that people WANT to fucking die? They have NO OTHER FUCKING CHOICE. They have nowhere to go. Their spirit is crushed, and the pain they endure cannot be endured any longer.

Blaming the suicide victim is absolutely fucking absurd. It’s one of the most ignorant and selfish things I have ever heard. Here, you have someone who took their own life. They ended their life. It’s a permanent thing. There’s no turning back. And you have the fucking gall to make it about YOU?

I didn’t notice any “survivors” of suicide (I mean the people who were close to the suicide victim) say anything like, “I wish to God that I could’ve done something about it.” Instead, they blame that person for causing them grief.

Outfucking standing. This is precisely the type of shit that is part of the reason why I wish to withdraw from the world

A rather stupid excuse

Warning: if your name starts with L, and you’re a guy, and you know who I am, you should probably just close this blog post. I just needed to rant.

This is a big pet peeve of mine. When someone startsdebating their opinions, they had better have a better argument than, “Oh, well, I’m right because it just depends on your values.” This is just a cheap, lazy, and immature excuse to justify their actions.

I recently had a conversation where the fellow had broken his phone. He had some important business meeting in several days. His decision, which he himself admitted was based on a whim, was to instantly purchase a replacement BlackBerry on eBay. He also attempted to get his broken phone repaired, for $40. The results have not yet come in. However, he will know by tomorrow.

To me, this is just plain stupid. Now, I didn’t want to get into it with him, but if his objective was to ensure that he would have a functional form of communication for the least amount of wasted money, there were many ways he could’ve gone about this.

Why on earth would you try to get your phone repaired in addition to purchasing a new phone? Never mind that you can sell/resell/etc. It does not make sense in the context of the objective stated.There are other effective alternatives. He could’ve borrowed a friend’s phone, or bought a disposable phone. Here’s the thing: if he was so worried about getting the phone in time to do business, then he most certainly should not buy it on eBay. No matter what the seller’s feedback is, I would never trust time sensitive purchases to an eBay seller. It’s just not a smart decision.So as it stands right now, this fellow has got a replacement BlackBerry coming in from eBay, and his broken BlackBerry is in the shop, awaiting repairs. If it does get repaired, than he will have to ship back the new BlackBerry. This will incur shipping costs, which is unnecessary. Additionally, the seller may not accept the return: the seller did sell a perfectly functioning item, and it does not differ from the description in the auction. Anyway, if his broken phone does not get repaired, then he will have wasted $40 on the failed repairs (I don’tassumethat most shops will just provide free labor despite the outcome). In addition, the lack of foresight in purchasing something on eBay could’ve been a rather detrimental mistake.

In my very opinionated opinion, the most ideal solution would’ve gone like this:

1) See if you can get your phone repaired.
2) If not, purchase a disposable cell phone in a physical brick-and-mortar store.
3) If you absolutely must have your cellphone number, purchase a cheap phone that uses SIM cards.
4) Now that you have a working phone, you can take your time and purchase your replacement BlackBerry where ever you please, at your leisure.

That is the most efficient, non-wasteful way to go about replacing your phone. Of course, this fellow does not agree that there is anything wrong with this decisions. In fact, he goes so far as to say that you cannot really judge a decision on right or wrong because it depends on opinions.

That to me reeks of liberal bullshit that’s been sitting in the sun for weeks. I could very well justify the bloody dismemberment of a newborn infant. I really can. You should see me try. It’s horrific, but hey, to me, in my mind, I was right for doing it. Any decision can be made to be “logical” in the sense that it is justified and “right” from a certain point of view.

So yes, you can justify his actions and explain away that he solved his problem efficiently using various opinions and systems of values. But in reality, it was a hasty decision made on a whim, with lots of points of failure and potential for waste. This isn’t some big life-changing decision that weighs heavily upon ones opinions and values: it’s just simple math involving the replacement of one’s cellphone.

It’s not like I haven’t wasted money or done things on a whim, but I certainly don’t go around deceiving myself that I’ve been justified in all my mistakes. I own up to my errors and accept the fact that I made bad decisions: that’s life, and I’ll just have to deal with it. But please, take out a white glove and fill it with bricks if you hear me start pulling out the values card: you have every right to slap me across the face and challenge me to a duel.

Men like to embarrass themselves

I had already written a rant about guys who write flirtatious, needy, and otherwise very groveling remarks on any pretty girl’s YouTube video. Well, on Facebook, it’s no different. I cringe every time I see it done. It is incredibly embarrassing. So much that I literally blushed in the privacy of my own home. I kid you not. I blushed. And I am not the blushing type. I don’t even blush if I trip on a staircase in front of twenty people who start snickering. So when I blush, you know it’s pretty bad.

Facebook Losers

I don’t understand what would compel any self-respecting man to post these types of comments. To any man who goes on Facebook to comment on how pretty he thinks a woman is, I ask you: do you really suppose that this woman is going to take an interest of you? Do you really think that making these comments will put you in her good graces, so that it may open a door of opportunity? Do you believe that these compliments will win her heart?

I say this in a British accent (something I have to work on): Have some self-control man! I hate to see men tripping over their feet over some pretty young thing. I hate it when men turn and stare, when men ogle women and salivate over some girl’s young nubile body complete with shapely thighs and a firm pair of perfectly shaped breasts. I shake my head at these men who would so readily make fools of themselves.It is entirely embarrassing to see this happen. I put my palm to my face and shake my head in derision. I wish guys would stop it. I wish they would just simply stop. Commenting on a girl’s photo is a lose-lose situation unless you are already friends with her. Think about it: if you are commenting on how pretty she is, that tells her several things. One, you are attracted to her. Two, you are on Facebook looking at the photos of some girl you barely know. Three, you could possibly be masturbating to them. And if you’re not a friend and not commenting on how pretty she is, then points two and three still apply. In both cases, you’re a loser.I may be a gentleman, but it doesn’t mean that I’m some sort of sexually repressed Puritan. To say that I am repressed would necessitate that those sexual thoughts and impulses exist in me, and that I am only suppressing them and denying my expression. Perhaps I am spoiled by living in New York City where the concentration of pretty women is fairly high, but honestly, beauty is common. I only wish that other men would begin to realize that so that they’ll stop making such abhorrently useless comments that reveal them to be enormously foolish and in obvious desperate need of female attention. Of course, one could say that I’m writing a useless rant and that I could’ve directed my own energies elsewhere, but hey, I’ve got to vent somewhere. Besides, I need to have another post in between paid blog posts.