I had already written a rant about guys who write flirtatious, needy, and otherwise very groveling remarks on any pretty girl’s YouTube video. Well, on Facebook, it’s no different. I cringe every time I see it done. It is incredibly embarrassing. So much that I literally blushed in the privacy of my own home. I kid you not. I blushed. And I am not the blushing type. I don’t even blush if I trip on a staircase in front of twenty people who start snickering. So when I blush, you know it’s pretty bad.

Facebook Losers

I don’t understand what would compel any self-respecting man to post these types of comments. To any man who goes on Facebook to comment on how pretty he thinks a woman is, I ask you: do you really suppose that this woman is going to take an interest of you? Do you really think that making these comments will put you in her good graces, so that it may open a door of opportunity? Do you believe that these compliments will win her heart?

I say this in a British accent (something I have to work on): Have some self-control man! I hate to see men tripping over their feet over some pretty young thing. I hate it when men turn and stare, when men ogle women and salivate over some girl’s young nubile body complete with shapely thighs and a firm pair of perfectly shaped breasts. I shake my head at these men who would so readily make fools of themselves.It is entirely embarrassing to see this happen. I put my palm to my face and shake my head in derision. I wish guys would stop it. I wish they would just simply stop. Commenting on a girl’s photo is a lose-lose situation unless you are already friends with her. Think about it: if you are commenting on how pretty she is, that tells her several things. One, you are attracted to her. Two, you are on Facebook looking at the photos of some girl you barely know. Three, you could possibly be masturbating to them. And if you’re not a friend and not commenting on how pretty she is, then points two and three still apply. In both cases, you’re a loser.I may be a gentleman, but it doesn’t mean that I’m some sort of sexually repressed Puritan. To say that I am repressed would necessitate that those sexual thoughts and impulses exist in me, and that I am only suppressing them and denying my expression. Perhaps I am spoiled by living in New York City where the concentration of pretty women is fairly high, but honestly, beauty is common. I only wish that other men would begin to realize that so that they’ll stop making such abhorrently useless comments that reveal them to be enormously foolish and in obvious desperate need of female attention. Of course, one could say that I’m writing a useless rant and that I could’ve directed my own energies elsewhere, but hey, I’ve got to vent somewhere. Besides, I need to have another post in between paid blog posts.