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You can tell who's a virgin on YouTube

The video in itself is not what’s important. Rather, go view the comments. Or don’t. It’s a painful experience. Here’s a sample of what I’m talking about…

What, do you think this Annis going to think you’re such a nice guy, that she’s going to send you a message over YouTube?

wow ur cute
you Look so Cute ! =)
Wow, you’re really hot!
I don’t care about Iphone or E 71 , i think both looks very elegant in you sweet Hand , i like u
ur very cute!
holy moly are you cute…
your just too hottt! I want a E71!!!!
dang youra cutie.

Hey gorgeous, brave review :p
nice girl:)
you are realy sweat!!:-X
Hmm.. It appears to me that you’re sort of cute.
Hello Ann you are lovely by the way.
btw ure hella cute
definitely very very cute!
wow… i came to watch the review but DAIMMM! you’re hot!
hey ur really very beautiful……..
how did i fall in love with this chick while watchin this video.
you are hot…….

I cringe every time I see this. I want to cry, and then I get mad. But mostly I want to cry. It just blows my mind: WHY DO GUYS FEEL COMPELLED TO COMMENT ON ANN’S BEAUTY???

Okay, so if a very attractive woman walks down the street, it still makes some kind of sense that you would hoot at her or do some other very idiotically cro magnon thing to try to get her attention. After all, if you succeed, she just might be attracted to you instantly and try to mate with you. Yeah, right.

But see, here on the Internet, it doesn’t make any sense at all. What, do you think this Ann is going to think you’re such a nice guy, that she’s going to send you a messageover YouTube? Then maybe you can start emailing each other and IMing each other, and then it’ll blossom into some kind of beautiful long distance romance?

What compels these peons to waste their keystrokes on such absurd comments? I’m sure that she gets enough attention in the real world as it is. We don’t need to feed her ego any more by bowing ourselves to this goddess of beauty. For crying out loud, do you have nothing better to do than express how low your jaw dropped?

These are the kinds of people who hem and haw around pretty women and celebrities. Absolute beta males, and I can’t stand them. I don’t even know why. Maybe it’s that they’ve got no self-respect or sense of self-worth. Handing out empty compliments to some anonymous girl over the Internet? COME ON. You gotta be kidding me. KEEP YOUR FUCKING SHIRT ON, have some dignity.

Here’s my message to all guys out there: STOP MAKING THESE STUPID COMMENTS ON THE INTERNET ABOUT BEAUTIFUL WOMEN. It just makes you look like a pissant, and it announces to the world that you are a virgin. And not one of the good ones: the ones that are virgins because they cannot get laid. So not only do you paint a big sign on yourself announcing to the world that you are probably going to rub one out in the shower later thinking about Ann, it serves absolutely no purpose to waste your time typing out how pretty you think she is. Instead of sitting around at home in your boxers and watching YouTube videos that have hot girls in it, go do something productive. Go make a sandwich, go read a book, ride a bike, play a game. Anything but this degrading groveling.

My Dell 2408WPF

This one’s gonna be a quick one.

I got my Dell 2408WPF 24″ monitor today. Got it all nice and set up, now it’s my primary, with my old Samsung 906BW (2ms GTG TN panel). Everything is awesome aboutthe monitor. Sure, there’s that very slight lag that has been reported. But I think that it’s a matter of time ’til I just get used to it. Now on to the good stuff.

The resolution is 1920×1200. The Dell 2408WPF is an S-PVA panel as far as I know. And because of the panel type, image quality is absolutely superb. Movies are awesome on this thing: black levels are nice and deep. I didn’t have to mess with the gamma or brightness and contrast to get the black levels the way I wanted.

The stand is great: I can twist and turn it, move it up and down, anything. It’s very nice and stable, feels like high quality materials.

The only thing I don’t like is the backlight bleeding (not sure if I’m using this term correctly). The top two corners bleed when the screen is pitch black. Other than that, it’s unnoticable.I also have to tone down the graphics settings on my games. Despite having dual GeForce 8800GTS 512MB cards in SLI mode, Far Cry 2 and GTA IV have slowed down noticeably. Team Fortress 2 on the other hand seems just fine, but it’s not a very demanding game to begin with.Now, I’ve got read up on a couple of things to see whether or not I should continue getting my content in 720p or move up to 1080p.
Recommended Viewing Distances
When Resolution Matters

And then there’s this very valuable database you can search:

And finally, a bit about all the different sorts of LCD panels out there:

Oh, and now I have to get a Spyder3Pro to make sure my beautiful new monitor is calibrated properly. Since the Dell 2408WPF is (to my knowledge) a Wide Gamut monitor, I’ll need the 3 series over the older Sypder2Express. Hopefully I can find a good deal on eBay.

Mall cop meets Taxi Driver? No way.

New York Times Movie Review – Observe and Report (2009) [PDF]

I haven’t seen Observe and Report yet. But just reading that this guy was inspired by Taxi Driver….oh marone…The New York Times reviewsays, “Mr. Hill says his movie was inspired by “Taxi Driver,” a self-flattering comparison.” Self-flattering is quite right. I don’t see how you can even put the two movies in the same sentence. Having only read about the movie, I only see that the commonalities include the main character being an overzealous and maladjusted not-so-young man with delusions of grandeur and a propensity towards violence.

I’ll be updating this post once I watch it. But seeing this movie is disconcerting to me. The title ‘Observe and Report’ is a phrase taken from the security industry. It describes the main duties of a security officer: to detect, deter, delay, observe, and report. Frankly, I was considering using that as the title of my screenplay. And now Jody Hill screwed that up for me.

Considering that there was yet another movie involving a security professional (Paul Blart: Mall Cop), I’m starting get pissed. My screenplay is a character study. Inspired by movies such as Taxi Driver, One Hour Photo, and The Assassination of Richard Nixon, it’s what I deem to be a portrait of loneliness. It is admittedly largely autobiographic, based on my life experience and of course dramatized. It was also started (as Paul Schrader did for Taxi Driver) as a form of self-therapy. I was thinking that my screenplay would at least have the advantage of being original in that it covered something that I had never seen in a film before: the security professional.

Isuppose that it can’t be too bad…after all, these two films are comedies, and aren’t really that great (at least from reviews/hearsay). I still believe in my screenplay. I just wish that these two movies hadn’t come out to portray in film the previously untouched security industry.

Be courteous to your date


TRAVIS scuffles with Tom. He talks to Betsy.

Why won’t you talk to me? Why won’t you answer my calls when I call? You think I don’t knowyou’re here? You think I don’t know? You think I don’t know? I just want you to know that I know you’re here.

Tom pushes Travis to the door.

Take your hands off me!
(to Betsy)
You’re in a hell. You’re in a hell! And you’re gonna die in a hell like the rest of them. You’re like the rest of them.

And I realize now how much she is just like the others, cold and distant. How many others are like that. Women especially. They’re like a union.

People have no courtesy nowadays. Or maybe it was just my luck.

So one Saturday, I went on a date with…let’s call her Monica. We had good conversation, smiles and laughs all around. The energy fell off a little at a few points, but it certainly didn’t dominate the atmosphere of the date. Overall, I’d say it certainly went well. We spent three and a half hours together, and there were plenty of opportunities for her to leave if she was not comfortable with me.

My point of contention is the lack of courtesy and the outright lie. You know, I’d be happier if a girl told me, “Oh, I’m not sure, I’m really busy next week, but I’ll call you alright?”

Little things stood out in my mind that gave me the impression that we were getting along. She took an active interest in things that defined me as a person. She asked questions about me, she didn’t carry on and on about herself. She remembered little details about me and brought them up later as the date when on. We had very good extended eye contact, the kind of eye contact that expresses bright interest and enthusiasm. We got to know each other better.Maybe it was a mistake, but as we hugged goodbye, I asked her in a non-needy way, “Am I going to see you again?” Personally, I wasn’t sure about her: our personalities and values were rather different. But I thought (well, who am I kidding, I wasn’t thinking) I would ask her point blank to see her reaction. She answered without hesitation, “Yeah, it was a good date.” And off she went onto the E train. I went on home on the R train, bringing home with me a nice pizza dinner.

I call her Monday evening. She doesn’t pick up, so I just leave a voice message telling her to give me a call back. Simple. I don’t use texts because they’re not as reliable: sometimes there are delays in SMS delivery or they don’t show up at all.

Never heard back from her. Not an email, not atext.She’s still available on Chemistry, but that doesn’t mean diddly. Now, I’m not crying over this. Certainly not. Plenty of fish in the sea, and hey, I don’t go on a date expecting it to work because, well, let’s face it: most first dates are just terrible. It’s rare that we find someone who is actually compatible.

My point of contention is the lack of courtesy and the outright lie. You know, I’d be happier if a girl told me, “Oh, I’m not sure, I’m really busy next week, but I’ll call you alright?” Then at least I know that there is a great chance that I will never see her again. But Monica told me outright that we would see each other again, and even said that she enjoyed the date. I always say that the things that you do say, and the things you choose not to say, all culminate in a picture of the truth.

From an optimistic point of view, she had chances to end the date. She paid attention to details about me. We made good conversation. She mentioned doing a future activity (visiting a shooting range, of all things). The date lasted over two hours. Sure, it was not some slam dunk. But really, its rare to have a slam dunk. Especially on a first date, there are way too many points of failure. The probability of two very compatible people meeting under ideal circumstances that facilitate a very smooth first date are very slim.

The bottom line is that she never got back to me. Now, I may be a trusting soul, but I don’t think I’m that socially deft that I can’t tell if someone doesn’t want to go out with me again. And I don’t want people getting the wrong idea: I don’t care very much if I don’t go on a day 2 with someone. Things are the way they are, and I’m not going to get all worked up.

But it certainly makes me question my ability to sniff out deception. I’ve had bad dates before, or dates where it was clear by the end that we weren’t going to see each other again. In this case, I was outright lied to. I wasn’t even given the courtesy of a white lie. I would’ve appreciated even a white lie sent via text or email.

To all the people who go out on first dates: be courteous. Don’t lie about future meetings. When he (or she) calls, pick up. If you really did miss the call, text them back or email them and apologize. Then lie about how you’re going to be very busy at work for the next couple of weeks and won’t have time to go out. It’s the polite thing to do. Don’t ignore them as if you never met them. You ignore homeless people begging on street corners, not regular respectful people, especially not someone you know, however briefly.

The Internet is replacing parents

Johnny, 13 years old, an all-American kid. He’s just found out about girls, and he’s having a bout of puppy love. Johnny comes home from school.His mother lets him have a couple of fresh baked cookies and a glass of milk. A couple of hours later, his father comes home from work.
Hey Dad, how was work?
Work was good son, how was school?
Great. Hey Dad, can I ask you a question?
Sure Johnny. What is it?
There’s this girl in school.
What’s her name?
And you like her, is that it?
Yeah. How do I ask her out? Like, you know, on a date?
Well son, when I asked your mother out…
It is Friday night. Johnny followed his father’s guidance and comes home from his date with Jane. He is happy.
Hey son! How was your date with Jane?
It was really good, we had a great time. Hey Dad? Can I ask you a question?
Sure Johnny. What is it?
How do you kiss a girl?
Do you really like this girl Johnny?
I sure do Dad. Jane’s great, she smart and she’s pretty!
Well son, when I first kissed your mother…

JAKE, 13 years old, opens the door with his own key. He heads to the kitchen and takes out a Pop Tart, eating it without toasting it. He opens the fridge and pops open a can of soda. The house is empty, and he heads upstairs to his room, shutting the door behind him.

Jake plops into his chair and turns on his computer monitor. Several Instant Messenger windows are open. He starts chatting with MOLLY online.

sup molly
hey u ;)
sorry my friends were being stupid before
its okay
so u remember wut we were talking about?
it sounded like you were about ask me out on a date ;D
yeah :P how does firday sound?
friday night is good, where do u wanna take me?
wherever u like. how bout the mall?
sounds good ill see u at school tomorrow then :)
cya :)

Jake exits the conversation. He opens up an internet browser. He goes to WikiHow and looks up, “How To Kiss”. He commits most of it to memory.


WikiHow – How to Kiss

I’m sure I’m simply disillusioned, but it sure seems popular for kids to seek advice on the Internet. Who knows how many boys lack a strong male role model in their life? Just take a look at Yahoo! Answers and message boards all over the place…young people are resorting to the Internet for their information, for guidance. What happened to the parents? What are parents doing wrong that their children cannot come to them for advice, but would rather read something posted by an anonymous figure on the Internet?