What do I bring to the table? What could a woman possibly see in me?

I am a gentleman. But that is worthless if I am boring to be with.
I am a poet. But that is worthless without romantic places.
I am loyal. But that is worthless if I give her no reason to be loyal.

I can see a multitude of things that I can appreciate in a woman…but I cannot see what it is that would compel any woman to appreciate me. Perhaps I do not know myself as well as I should…perhaps my powers of observation are incapable of being turned inward.

Yes, I am young…my life is supposedly only beginning. With time youth becomes maturation, and with maturation comes growth. With growth comes change. Granted, I suspect that my changes will not be drastic; however, change is inevitable. Should I even bother seeking and pursuing romance at this point in my life? It is in my heart to do so, but is it sensible? Is there anyone out there who could possibly grow and change with me?

I do not feel like I am in the right century…my values are anachronistic. Most women would probably think I’m not interested in them simply because I keep it clean and I take it slow. I have a very strict moral code. I have extremely high standards for myself and for others. I want someone who can be as loyal as I can be. I want someone who is as clean as I am. I want someone whose heart is as pure as mine. Are there any women who still believe in a slow courtship?