My judgment of others is harsh. I judge myself even more harshly. I do not expect others to have the mental willpower and the inner strength that I do. No, I am not claiming to be perfect, and I have my weaknesses that lie elsewhere. But I am acknowledging the fact that there are not many others who have the discipline that I do, who follow a strict moral code as I do. I know that it has everything to do with the path that I have walked, the things I have seen, and the personality that I was born with.

However, despite my seemingly glaringly harsh judgment, I would not rule out the most wondrously magnificent woman due to her past. It would just simply depend on the circumstances.

If she were to have slept around as a young woman, the only excuse is that she was a nymphomaniac. This type of behavior is simply unacceptable. Having seen Chasing Amy, I am aware of the “inexperienced” factor. It is my strong belief that this is not my issue. Though I may be lacking in sexual experience, it is not the reason that I would exclude this woman as a potential romantic partner. But she had better be an amazing person: I can overlook things, it just depends on the context. I am not inflexible.In fact, I believe I have a more romantic sense of love than some others. I do not seek physical attraction when considering a potential mate. Yes, i do have standards, but by and far physical attraction is not very high on my list of priorities. It is not the shape of her bottom, it is not the size of her dress or the suppleness of her bosom. It is not the length of her hair or the color of her eyes. It is neither her height nor the shape of her body. What draws me to a woman is her personality, the way she carries herself, her sense of humor, her intellect, amongst many other things. I can appreciate physical beauty just like anyone else. But love should transcend the physical.You know what? Love has a way of happening…no matter what you think is right for you, no matter who you think your perfect mate will be…love has a funny way of coming in at the best way (or most inopportune, depending on how you look at it).

As usual, these are mere ramblings….works in progress. I should really go back and refine some of these.