Alluring Darkness

What is it about the shadow that is so alluring? What is it about the darkness that is so tempting? One can feed off the energy of the brooding bitterness and simmering anger…channel it into a transforming force. Hatred is a seductive feeling. It gives one the power of absolute certainty and immense strength. It makes one feel unstoppable, with confidence in every breath. There is only a single purpose, and the hellish fires of animosity drive one to seek out the completion of the mission. There can be no failure, only success. Hatred stirs within the heart, and it is a strong and constant reminder to oneself to push for that goal. Self-interest becomes primary. One becomes blind to all else, consumed by a fury that focuses all of one’s energy into a pinpoint. It carves one’s psyche into an all-powerful being, superior to everything, capable of willing a desired outcome through raw emotion.

Yet there is something just as powerful about the balance of purity. A calmness that resides in one’s heart, something that allows one to see clearly when all else around them is chaotic. One becomes an immovable mountain, cool under duress. The same strength that hatred brings exists at the other spectrum. There is nothing that can push one off their current path, for they are unaffected by the push and pull of others. Truth and goodness become one’s guide, and with that comes a pair of clear eyes and an open heart. One becomes elevated, untouched by the will of others. The light too can give one the motivation and energy to pursue one’s goal. Reaching this state of being is not as easy as succumbing to animosity though.It is incredibly easy to fall prey to the negative emotions…it can be useful for short periods of time, but in the end, such a course only eats away at the spirit. Committing to that side of yourself is destructive and consuming…it is extremely draining to maintain that hatred. Finding the path of serenity can be energizing…and it is actually sustainable. Dark energy is like a one-night stand. The allure of it is rather tempting, and it can yield much satisfaction. But it is an ugly thing that should last only briefly if necessary.Special thanks to spanier for the original image.