Grand Theft Auto IV Special Edition

Boom Blox actually looks like a lot of fun. It might actually compel me to get a Wii. The only thing I worry about is the usage of a Wii at close range. There’s not all too much space between my couch and the 46-inch DLP set I’ve got sitting in my living room. I just don’t get why Steven Spielberg is plastering his name on this game. Hey, that rhymed. Haha.

Speaking of gaming: I, like just about everyone else except for this weirdo, is eagerly anticipating the release of GTA IV on the 29th this month. It seems like quite a long while away…two weeks. Jeez.

Personally, I’m more than happy to plop down an extra chunk of money for the special edition. I’m not too crazy about the extras like the art book. C’mon, who really looks at that stuff? I looked at the Gears of War one exactly once and it sits at the bottom of the tin now. The duffel bag is cool, though I already own a nice Eddie Bauer one that suits all my needs. Really, it was the safety deposit box that got me. There was just something about it that sold me. The soundtrack should be pretty nice too, but my musical tastes are rather eclectic, so that’s up for grabs.Dang it…I just noticed that the list of extras doesn’t include a making-of featurette or anything like that. Now I’m on the fence about getting the special edition. There isn’t much of a compelling reason for me to get it. I don’t need to clutter up my personal space with some more junk that I’ll barely touch.Who knows. I throw money out the wazoo for ridiculous shit anyways, I’ll probably end up justifying my purchase by saying that I already put it towards a pre-order at Gamestop…