I recently subscribed to One Story, a publication that mails out a short story every three weeks (which reminds me…where’s my latest issue?). I decided that I’d try to enrich my literary world. I’veonly read one issue so far, and to be frank, it wasn’t very good. Anyway, I recently got a newsletter. There’s some kind of event in Brooklyn this coming Sunday, a Brooklyn Book Festival. I’m not usually all that inclined to go to events. Lots of people, lots of conversation, lots of boring chit chat. But the way I figure I might as well give it a shot. Move a little bit out of my comfort zone. In all likelihood I’ll end up silently moving unnoticed through the crowd, observing and snubbing my nose at others, but at least I’ll have something to write about. They’re offering a free bookshelf box with the purchase of a one-year subscription. Which is unfortunate, considering that I only just subscribed last month. I don’t even know what a bookshelf box is, but hey, it’s free.