Circuit City files for bankruptcy protection – Reuters

Well, another one bites the dust. The CompUSA near me was shut down. Not sure what’s in its place now. I never liked CompUSA, but I never reallyhad anything against Circuit City. If Circuit City closes down, that leaves only P.C. Richardson and Best Buy as the only big brand retail store that has electronics, and that’s not good. P.C. Richardson, frankly, is more for appliances and than anything else. Their consumer electronics selection is rather small, and overpriced.

Best Buy is an okay store, but I really don’t like the staff. I’ve had the privilege of working with these fools, and most of them just aren’t very knowledgeable. It pissed me off to see these incompetent idiots fill people’s heads with bullshit. This one guy who was on the Geek Squad was talking the biggest load of shit I’ve ever heard about using Wi-Fi. This lady came in asking about getting a wireless router. Now, since I only worked inside Best Buy as a vendor rep, their not my customers. But I was supposed to assist them and then connect their needs to Verizon DSL. Lady looking for a wireless router is a perfect chance.So I start setting her up with what she needs. I basically explained to her that she needs to connect her broadband modem (DSL or cable) to her router, which would then broadcast a signal all over the house. Se can use her laptop anywhere she gets a signal. I asked her what kind of house she had, and it was mostly a wooden house, three stories. Her modem was on the top floor, so I wasn’t too confident about the signal strength…but I digress. Basically, this jackass swooped in and asked if there was something he could help with. Fucking goofball inhissnot-nosed nerd glasses. The fucking guy looked like a nerd, knowledgeable, you know? He starts selling this lady on some bullshit about how she really needs the Geek Squad guys to come over because she doesn’t know where the Ethernet ports are in the house and how she needs professional installation of the router.I get that he’s a salesman. But bullshitting people that hard? Taking advantage of people who don’t know any better? What the fuck? Luckily, I stuck around and basically AMOGed the prick into leaving. I told the lady not to worry about anything he said. She seemed to like me more anyway, so that wasn’t a hard point. I saved her from buying a fucking $200 (I’m guessing) visit by some fucking goons who don’t know shit. I got her the Linksys WRT45G and that was that. She already had Verizon DSL, and I noted as such in my little folded square of paper after I showed her where the cash registers were.

But yeah, fucking Best Buy….understaffed, undertrained, and overvalued employees make me just wanna kick some ass. Most of them think they’re hot shit because they sell computers at some big box retail store…I don’t know where they get any sense of pride. Must be management. I stopped by Best Buy this one day and I saw that same moron. Apparently, he traded in his white short-sleeved shirt and black tie for a blue polo, working the computer section rather than the Geek Squad.

Circuit City’s not as pushy, and although their staff aren’t usually much more knowledgeable as Best Buy, at least they’re kind of friendly.

There’s some new construction going on near the Circuit City though. Not sure what it’s going to be, but rumors are that it’ll be a Century 21. Guess time will tell.