So, it’s been about 6 months with my Blackbird 002. Things are beautifully smooth. I’ve even gotten comfortable enough to overclock the machine. As it is right now, here are my specs.

Intel Core2 Quad QC9450 @ 3.20 GHz (stock 2.66GHz)
Corsair Dominator RAM – 4x 1GB@ DDR2-960 (stock 800MHz) – 5-5-5-12 @ 2.2V
2x GeForce 8800GTS 512MB in SLI (stock speeds)
Over 1.5 TB of storage spread over four SATA HDDs, with room for one more
Steelseries 7G keyboard via PS/2
Logitech MX Revolution Mouse

Runs most every game very smoothly on maxxed out quality settings. Far Cry 2 is mostly smooth, though the framerate gets a little unstable or stuck after certain parts of the game. Also, I’m still not stable on what’s supposed to stay on Very High as opposed to Ultra High. STALKER Clear Sky is also a little choppy at times: can’t entirely max out that game. Which I’m kinda pissed about, but oh well.

I also updated my BlackBerry to OS 4.5. Makes everything seem fresher. The media player is much better now, and addresses some of the issues I had with it. Oddly enough, the music coming out of the speakerphone sounds a lot better than it used to. Sounds less tinny. I think it’s a decoding/codec thing because I tried a voicecall with the speakerphone and there was no improvement in call quality. I have no idea how one could improve a hardware thing with an OS update, but whatever. I also got a new theme (still a BlackBerry Bold inspired theme) that shows the weather icon. I usually have to press the Application button to see that.I’m selling off my MacBook. As much as it was a pleasure to use, I didn’t really need the hassle of the second OS. It’s also a little big and a little heavy for my needs. Once I sell off my MacBook, I’ll be getting an Acer Aspire One netbook, the one with a 6-cell battery.I may also be getting a bigger monitor. The thing with a bigger monitor is that I’d be running at a higher resolution, which will certainly affect my gaming performance. So I’m not sure about that just yet.