Very interesting new monitor: the MIMO UM-740. It’s got a touchscreen, which would be pretty effing cool. It’s too bad that PC Gamer gave it a 36%. I don’t have to worry about getting one of theselittle mini screens: I just recently got a massive 24″ monitor and am using my old 19″ monitor as my secondary. But I’m certainly interested in seeing these screens get better.

I find that the real limitation in using multiple displays is how games currently work in full screen. Take this example.

I launch Team Fortress 2 in fullscreen. I die, and have to wait 30 seconds before respawning. In those 30 seconds, I’d like to check up on a message board or read something on Digg. I know Steam has an in-game browser, but it always gives me a script error that causes my Steam Overlay to be inaccessible until I alt-tab to close that error (which I have to do multiple times). Alt-tabbing can also cause issues with Team Fortress 2. Half the time I get those pink/black grid patterns on reflective surfaces. Not to mention that it takes a small while to actually alt-tab, even on my 8GB of RAM and Quad-Core CPU.I’d like to see the day when I can alt-tab out of a game without minimizing it. I’d like it to remain in fullscreen, but with my keyboard and mouse in control of something else. I have no clue how this would be implemented, but I’d sure like to see it.