I crack open my door,
in secret hopes that you would peek inside
to catch a glimpse of intrigue. Maybe even put a foot there
to keep it from drifting shut. But don’t you know
that each time I openthe door, chilly drafts blow right in?
The air rushing in moves the dying embers,
orange cinders dancing bright,
but only for a moment, and it dims again. Brrr!
I don’t know how much more kindling I have. Sorry, I have to close my door soon!
But here, take this spare key, though I doubt you will ever use it.
Just remember which is yours, many others hang in the key nook.
Maybe someday you will stop by, just keep it in your pocket.
Please stop by soon though, I don’t know how much longer I can hold this door open.
Mother said not to open the door for strangers, but I am still a child,
my arms open to those who want to play.
You’re passing by? Please, come in! We will have fun!
Didn’t you? Oh well. It’s getting too cold to play.
Good bye now everyone, the door is closed!
Don’t worry, they’re not locked. You always have a spare key you know.
Fret not! Once it is warm again, I will open the door again
just a sliver, and see who peeks in!