[flv:TheHobbyist.mp4 560 340]
I worked on this short little “art film” for a small while and finally released it on YouTube. Because there is very little control over what you can get the “actors”to do, directing can be rather difficult. And because there is very little dialogue, as you can’t exactly make Niko spout lines that he hasn’t already recorded, everything had to be expressed through moving images: no dialogue, no music. Just good old framing and camera movement. I hate to be one of those artsy fartsy film makers, but in this case, it’s really the type of film that you get more out of in the second viewing when you notice the tiny details. Mise en scéne is what makes the film in my opinion.

Things wrong with this short: the opening sequence. I couldn’t get Niko to stand still long enough, and basically I should cut out the whole bit where he’s standing around. Also, the speed of Niko falling was increased by accident, giving it a silly look.

Link to the YouTube upload: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XL5P1mfBm6M