Well, early adopters should be hardened to buyer’s remorse. But this time, I really want to cry.

Apparently, Amazon is going to be releasing the Kindle DX. Apparently it features a 9.7 inch screen.It’ll be released in the summer and will cost $489.

Native PDF support and a larger screen is precisely what I need. I’ve been reading a lot on my Kindle and I found that the screen itself is smaller than a lot of paperback pages that I come across. Normally, this wouldn’t matter much to me, but considering that I started downloading ebooks and buying Kindle editions of books that I need for school, getting as close to the source material’s format is important to me. The professor often refers to the text by page number, and I have to wait until she quotes from the passage. Then I hurriedly type it into my search box and find the part of the book she’s talking about. Basically, I play catch up.

With the Kindle DX, the ability to set the number of words per line should help in matching formats. The Kindle would benefit from some way to “sync up” page numbers with print editions.But really, I can’t justify buying this new Kindle DX, not unless I can sell off my Kindle 2. Even so, if I were able to sell off my pristine condition Kindle 2 at full price ($359, plus I’ll throw in my official Amazon Kindle 2 leather cover), I’d be paying a $129 premium for the new larger device. It’s very very tempting.I just hope that there will be a firmware update to the Kindle 2 to support PDF support. That’d be great.