I got sick over the summer, came down with some major flu or something. During that time, I took the chance to watch a couple of long movies I had put off for a while. One of them was Sergio Leone’sOnce Upon a Time in the West. It was this film that turned me into a lover of Western films. This is my own little Western that I filmed using the GTA IV PC Video Editor. Entitled Once Upon a Time in Bohan, it’s a little experiment inspired by Leone’s Westerns (I recommend watching this in full screen).

[flv:WesternBohan.mp4 500 285]

Despite the limitations and difficulties of using the video editor (which I feel was designed mostly to capture little clips of something cool that just happened), I was able to piece this together. I failed to pay attention to the in-game sound, so some scenes will be a little off because of the ‘sound mixing’. I had to add in Ennio Morricone’s score myself because the video editor doesn’t support music that isn’t licensed. All video editing was done in the game’s editor. If I remember correctly, I completed this short in July.I would’ve preferred a different ending involving Niko Bellic going down in a hail of gunfire. However, most of the footage was filmed during one (extremely long and painful) sitting. The ending was shot during a different session. Because it was a different session, the lighting and colors were off, and I was unable to shoot the ending I wanted unless I re-shot the entire film, which would’ve been damn nearly be impossible due to the nature of filming in GTA IV. Keep in mind that the only actor I have control over is Niko Bellic: everyone else’s actions and spoken lines (of which are few in this particular short) are not scripted and entirely out of my hands.I do intend to remake my film with a proper ending and even more attention to the tiny details, shaping it into a more deserving homage to the Westerns I enjoyed so thoroughly.

If there’s any legal department coming to swoop in on me due to music issues, please just let me know that you want me to take this down and I will comply with great haste.