Well, there’s a new look for this blog. Yet again. I felt it was time to update the look. Get with the times, so to speak. I like it. It’s even darker now, which is good for me because I preferdark colors and lower contrast when reading at night. The theme is Pixel. It’s the top most downloaded theme on WordPress right now, coming in with 9205 downloads. Of course I did my own backgrounds and adjusted it and whatnot. I also made modifications to a couple of things. For one, I took out the three buttons (comment, tags, and more) at the bottom of every post when viewed on the main page. It was just way too visually cluttered. I also screwed around with the CSS for colors and some formatting.

I decided that the magazine format was too ambitious. I realized that I wasn’t going to be posting prodigiously in all of my different categories anyway. I will miss the prominent Featured box though.