Wistful Writer Widescreen Hi Res Wallpaper
Wistful Writer Widescreen Hi-Res Wallpaper

I was getting tired of the same old wallpaper I’ve been using fora couple of weeks and thought that I’d just whip one up for myself. I like the mysterious feeling it evokes, though others might get something else out of the image. The resolution is 1920×1200 (16:10 ratio), which is my Dell 2408WPF’s native resolution. I really liked the base image (the photograph) that I used for my new Pixel theme. I basically just did the gradients on the edges again to better suit my needs. I use Rainmeter for my large 10 foot HUD clock and weather (though I changed the font to Arial, or Helvetica, I forget). I also use a nice dock at the bottom provided by ObjectDock.

Anyway, I love making my own wallpapers whenever possible. As I’ve probably mentioned before, I like darker wallpapers because bright ones can really make you squint at night. So instead of scouring the Internet for a wallpaper that is perfect, I just looked in my own bin of photos and presto, a custom wallpaper fit for a king!

Download 1920×1200 widescreen wallpaper or 1440×900 widescreen wallpaperSponsoredTweets referral badge P.S. That “Tweet This” button was a little bit low in quality, I had to clean up the edges. I hate it when the edges are sloppy. Maybe you can get away with that for bright backgrounds.