[flv:eccerobot.flv 480 360]
I always have these great ideas, and very often five to ten years after the conception of that bright idea, I see it come to fruition. One such example is the ECCEROBOT.I always thought that it was silly to use anything but an emulation of natural body mechanics of the human when trying to create realistic robotics. If you want a robot to move like a human, why not use muscles and tendons the way that humans do? Rather than using some actuating motor for an elbow joint, which results in a very, well, robotic motion, why not emulate the contraction of the biceps and all that? I thought the same thing for robotic vision: if humans have two eyes, and our brain process three dimensions with the use of binocular vision, then robots should too. After all, nature has a way of perfecting things over thousands of years of evolution: why reinvent the wheel?

Of course I’m no engineer, so I have no clue what the technical limitations are and why certain things can’t be implemented, but hey, I sure can dream and scheme like da Vinci did. Perhaps I’ll pick up mechanical engineering as a hobby.