Last week, I put up my jailbroken iPod Touch (2nd Generation) for sale since I now have an iPhone 3GS. Some buyer with zero feedback bought it up after making an offer for $170. Here’s the fishy thing.He paid by eCheck. Who the hell uses eChecks through PayPal when you can use your bank account or credit card? I gave him the benefit of the doubt though and just relax, waiting for the eCheck to post to my PayPal account. Next day the guy emails me and asks me to send out the iPod because he is ‘going to kentucky’. Well, I’m not an idiot. I’m no rube, and I told him very diplomatically that I would have to wait until the cash was in my pockets before I send it.

This morning I check my email on my iPhone. Waiting for me was an email from PayPal. I opened it and discovered that the eCheck, much to my expectations, did not go through. Now I have to wait another two days before I can file for a refund on all the eBay fees, and put it back up. Of course I emailed the fellow explaining that I would ‘hold’ the item for another two days if he wanted to resend the payment. I highly doubt he will respond though.I did manage to sell my BlackBerry Bold 8900 for $300 though. Of course, after eBay and PayPal took their cut, I ended up with around $270. Still, this does subsidize a large chunk of my iPhone 3GS purchase. Now I just have to find a new buyer for my iPod Touch.