One of the few lessons that I learned from my parents is that if you are going to do something, you do it good. Do it right or not at all. Ever since I decided to have a bespoke suit made for me, I knewthat I would also have to complete the image. I’m no Clarice Starling: I don’t ruin a good handbag with cheap shoes. It would be silly to ruin the dashing image of a bespoke suit with a gaudy piece of men’s jewelry.

Gevril Automatic Timepiece
So I went on the hunt for a perfect timepiece. I had originally considered a pocket watch, as I have a pretentious attraction towards the unusual and obscure. But then I realized that if I were to carry a pocket watch with me, I would need to wear the third piece of my suit (the vest), which I may not necessarily want to do all the time.

So barring a pocket watch, I knew that I would have to replace my existing dress watch: a Citizen Eco-Drive watch. I made the mistake of not returning it when I still had the chance. It wasn’t the perfect watch that I wanted:

Citizen EcoDrive Watch
Not a problem with my new Gevril timepiece. It comes in a very brown leather box with a button snap enclosure. As for the Swiss watch itself, the leather band is more matte than shiny, the case is thicker and more substantial, and it strikes a more classic image than the Citizen watch. I much prefer the clean white dial and the black Roman numeral markings. I must say, this is my idea of a perfect watch, especially because it has a sweeping second hand. I’ll be looking forward to wearing it with my bespoke suit. Speaking of which, I am going in for fitting tomorrow afternoon, at which point it should only be another three to four weeks until I will see the finished product.Well, that’s another item off my checklist. I recently purchased a Prada briefcase, which should be coming in at the end of the week, maybe next week. Only one thing left: shoes, which I will also discuss tomorrow at the bespoke. It’s all coming together…

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