On Smooching
The gentle comfort of a lover’s embrace… The way your heart blossoms when you feel your lover’s warm breath softly on your skin… The sweet touch of a her lips pressed against yours… The familiarityof his nose nuzzled against yours… The bliss of all the sensations of an impassioned kiss, the way your he holds you, the way she touches you… Is this not enough?

I have no statistics about young people (and by young people I mean anyone under the age of 25) and their smooching habits. So I could very well be wrong and disillusioned in my assumptions. But from what I can tell, a little necking nowadays probably entails some “heavy petting”. By heavy petting I mean the touching of each other’s privates.

I also have no clue what kids did “back then” either, so I’ll not make any references to what it was like back then. But whatever happened to just some good old making out? I believe there is much to be enjoyed in simply smooching. Why all the hurry to get to the “good part”? The good part isn’t getting a girl to put her hand on your junk, and it’s not “scoring” when a girl lets you feel up her breasts or allow for some digital play in her nether regions. The good part starts when you’re sitting together, bodies pressed against each other. It starts when you lean in and look into her eyes. The good parts are when you feel her breathing, when you feel her press herself closer to you…it’s everything that happens from the moment you sit together, through the kiss itself, and the little afterglow afterwards. In our MTV age, in an age of precocious sexual activity that starts at a young age, I think we’ve got to learn how to slow things down. Stop and smell the roses. I mean, what’s left to be exciting about a kiss if all you’re thinking about is getting your rocks off?

Thanks to mikelawrey for the image!