A while ago I placed an order for a Vaja classic folder case for my MacBook Air. At the time, I didn’t have my single gusset Montblanc leather briefcase, and I wanted something to carry papers on alongwith my MacBook Air. That case seemed to fit the bill. Unfortunately, I was under the impression that the case would physically secure and attach itself to my laptop. I was wrong. It apparently is simply a zippered case that fits the dimensions of the MacBook Air. In which case, it’s a rip-off in my opinion. Had I known that the laptop would not be secured (you can simply lift and slide the laptop out of the case), I would’ve gone with another purchase. As handsome as it is, I’m not satisfied that there isn’t even some simple elastic nylon to secure the bottom corners of the laptop.

I suppose I’ll still use this for when I literally have nothing more than some papers to bring along with me. However, I did place another order for the iVolution Skin. It’s black leather with wine red accents. Apparently, their handicrafting process now only takes 25 days, as opposed to 35 days when I had first ordered. I don’t feel that it was worth the wait or the money. Let’s just hope that the iVolution Skin will be more worth it.I think I’ll post photos of it later when I get access to my main rig.