A delightful test message from my friendly customer service representative
A delightful test message from my friendly customer service representative (aside from it being a fairy, I have no idea whatit is)

A friend of mine sent me a picture message and it turns out that I received a text message instead. It said:

Free T-Mobie Msg: You have received a picture message. You can view this message by logging on to my.t-mobile.com and navigating to MobileLife/Album.

Knowing that the BlackBerry Curve has MMS capabilities (take that iPhone!), I decided I would just call up T-Mobile and ask about it.

I called 611 (T-Mobile’s Customer Service number on the SIM card), everything was very quick. In fact, I was unaccustomed to such service. It’s one of the reason I dread calling customer service about anything. But somehow they correctly directed me to the BlackBerry and PDA department.

SponsoredTweets referral badgeI encountered a young lady who was rather energetic, quick to laugh, and very feminine. Her voice was that of a very hospitable waitress or hostess, the type who always has a sweet smile on her face and asks you with great enthusiasm whether or not you need anything or if she can do anything for you. She also had a wonderfully womanly yet girlish giggle. If one could fall in love with a voice, hers would be it.Anyway, she gave me a call back on a number that wasn’t my BlackBerry’s. The whole process was rather quick. In order to get MMS working, all you have to do is the following:

Go to Options > Advanced Options > Service Books.
Find MMS Config [WAP].
Delete it.

And that’s it. The whole process took less than five minutes, and I was quite pleased. Overall, I prefer T-Mobile to AT&T for the accessibility. Customer service and site design just didn’t seem that great with AT&T.