I’ve noticed that whenever I get around to doing something, I pour myself into it. It happens with anything. If I work, I focus on working and do nothing else. I don’t even want to take my lunch break.When I attempt to troubleshoot and fix a computer problem, I don’t stop until it’s done. Recently I broke my blog and I didn’t stop until I finished reinstalling WordPress and getting everything to the way it was before.

With that said, my obsessive focused efforts have earned me a headache today. I wrote another twenty pages in my screenplay, bumping the total to seventy. It turns out I may actually have room to develop my character. But first thing is first, I have to finish it. I intend to take up 120 pages. Of course I won’t artificially lengthen my movie, but I do intend to use every minute that I can have the audience for.

I’m making pretty good progress. I’m happy to see that my screenwriting style naturally follows the standard three act flow. It means I won’t have to tinker around as much. There is one thing that I had to strike from my screenplay though: mentions of specific songs. Which songs? Ricky Nelson’s Never Ever Be Anyone Else and Johnny Cash’s I Still Miss Someone. It would be nice to have them, but I’ll have to settle for “The stereo is playing an OLDIES BALLAD about never ever loving anyone else.” I have a very strong opinion for using the song, but I realized that any oldies song with appropriate lyrics would serve its purpose.Anyway, I’m off to sleep off this dull headache…

The author would like to thank Brian B of Lexington, Kentucky for his base image.