With the work on my screenplay picking up, I recently thought about signing up for MobileMe (for some reason I thought it was .Mac), Apple’s attempt to synchronize all of your pertinent data across allof your devices, namely a PC, a Mac, and an iPhone. Now, I don’t have an iPhone (though I considered getting one just because they’re so damn slick), but I do have a PC and a Mac. I thought it would be good to have perfect synchronizaton across all of my computers.
I went to the site downloaded the hi-res video and watched it. I was quite tempted. But then I realized that I already had most of the functionality available to me. Firstly, emails are synchronized across all of my computers as well as on my BlackBerry. Contacts, thought not as easily synchronized (I couldn’t get it to work on my MacBook’s Address Book application), were easy enough to handle. I just sent myself VCF files and presto, they’re imported from PC to Mac. The calendar function isn’t really all that important to me: my life is not hectic enough that I can’t remember everything. And I would barely ever use the photo gallery function.The one thing that really enticed me was the iDisk: a fully integrated synchronized online storage solution. This would mean that I wouldn’t need to ferry my Celtx and Final Draft files around on a USB stick. Then I realized that I still had an account on Dropbox that I barely used.And the rest is history. Now I’m happily using typing up my screenplay on whatever suits me, be it my Blackbird 002 or my MacBook. The only thing I have to be wary of is if I ever have both the Mac and the PC on at the same time and am for some very odd reason editing on both. Dropbox let’s me finish up work on my MacBook and have it synced up on my desktop PC when I boot it up.

Now, the only thing left is to sync my iTunes library between both of them…

On another note, I downloaded Evernote but have yet to begin using it. It looks like a very promising little app.